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Just after this historic event of the 12-12-12, comes the new moon in Sagittarius, and I may say, at a perfect time for those Sagittarian energies to flow. Perfect in a sense that it coincides with this “almost alignment” of the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. This lunation at 21º Sagittarius conjuncts Juno, an asteroid that relates to the feminine power, the symbol of the ‘wife’, Queen of the House, which is at 27º Sagittarius exactly aligned with Galactic Center, also at about 27 degrees of Sag.
And what does it all means? One thing is certain, there are less and less of us nowadays who say: “well, in the end, nothing will change, everything will remain the same, in a long run”. WRONG!. EVERYTHING is changing because everything is plummeting, our financial system, our concept of religion, our educational system, everything is clamoring for that complete collapse so that we can rise again, renovated, improved and new.
This is a new moon in Sagittarius, so the theme of education seems extremely relevant, and I wonder until when we’re going to have to endure the coarcion of the development of the brains of our children with this outdated educational system, which continues to put emphases in high grades over comprehension and hard work, which cries out for change. Until when, we are going to push our children to study this array of soulless professions, thus curtailing the development of their own talents. Until when are parents going to give more value to what is socially respected and accepted, against the developing of their children own talents? We are no longer in the industrial era, when many doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects were needed. Nor we are in the 1980s, when every youngster went to study Marketing and Business Administration. How could so many young people, want to be a business manager or an economist? Until when will we put creativity at the bottom of the list of possibilities for our children?
We seem to continue to apology if one of our children want to be musicians, painters or dancers or sculptors or film directors or actors, as if each of these words were a bad word. “My son wants to be a dancer”, said to me one mother, “but what future is he going to have with this?” and it made me wonder: “What future awaits anyone if we try to be something other that what we are?” HOW CAN WE BE PUSHED TO BE OR DO SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WHAT WE CAN OR HAVE COME HERE TO DO? And so we are in this world where Valium, the Prosac reign supreme. And even before the absolute evidence of Hollywood and Bollywood, and many thousands of smaller places where not necessarily famous, yet successful musicians, dancers, painters, film directors, actors, earn a better living than many, we continue to insist on saying to our children that there is no future in it!. I wonder why? And why do you have to be famous to be considered successful in your profession? The majority of lawyers and doctors in the world are not famous. However if we are developing a work that stems out of our soul, our need to evolve as human beings, that is being successful. The sole obligation that we have with ourselves is to discover and promote that special something that we all brings with us, which is necessary and useful for our development and our society and NOT try to do what is dictated to us by others(family, culture).
Last night, to be in alignment with this wonderful energy of Sagittarius, I decided that I would concentrate in the wisdom of the Tarot (something that i haven’t done before properly), this incredible system of symbols that is available to us to open our minds to other dimensions, where we know more than we think we know.
The magic that it is involved in shuffling and picking cards, just those perfect cards, which contain the symbolism that explains beyond our comprehension at times, what it actually happening to us, the kind of situation we are involved in, show us this extraordinary ability that we have that we call magic, simply because we do not have or do not understand the process we use to be able to do that. And this has nothing to do with trying to “see” or “guess” the future, but to understand the present in full. As Jodorowsky says and I absolutely agree with him: If you use the Tarot cards or Astrology (I add) to predict the future, you become a charlatan. These two extraordinary system of symbols are not for that. Tarot and Astrology and their symbolism are to understand the present in all its dimensions, the ones we are aware of and those we are not aware of. The astrologer and Tarot reader, should read these symbols that enrich our daily experience, so we may understand better our inner hero and his journey through life.
This Moon in Sagittarius opens us doors to new philosophies, new ideologies, to finally accept that everything is is crumbling (thank God!), so that what’s new and renovated may arise. This lunation coincides with many important aspects to asteroids that represent different aspects of the feminine: Juno is a conjunction to the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius and as I said before also aligned with the Galactic Center, at the same time it opposes Ceres, the great mother, and form what we call a T-square to Pallas, the intellectual and warrior woman, who is mother and Virgin, which becomes the focal planet of this important and dynamic aspect. Vesta, next to Jupiter and also opposed to the Sun and the Moon. Do not read this as a resurgence of the feminine against the masculine, but as a possibility of union of these two aspects of our psyche, so that, we can integrate these two parts in order to feel whole. We must let go of the religions that have eliminated the feminine, because these are old-fashioned and outdated concepts. We should feel pity for the Taliban young boy who shot Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl who defended in Afgnistan education for girls. How can we instill in our children such hatred? What kind of life has this boy had, who without knowing why, is still channeling the hate of previous generations?
We are men and women, we’ve all had, or come from men and women of our past, and we cannot separate this memories form our ancestral DNA. Fortunately Neptune and Chiron in

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PISCES, will help us, to deeply understand the concept that despite the geographic boundaries, we are all ONE and what affects one, affects us all. Without this concept, Astrology would not be possible and although scientists want to explain everything with equations, before that is possible, we must first find the thesis in our hearts, in the depths of our psyche, in this place that the Greeks called Olympus and in which all live, even without realizing it.

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It has been a while since I’ve written in English, since my Spanish blog seems to be taking most of my time. But I didn’t want to finish this year without few words about what we have been through and what is to come, planetary wise.

Since the big cardinal T-square has been taking place, from the middle of 2010, we had our great share of change. Europe finances have gotten worse, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have had revolutions that have brought anxiety and profound change, not only to the region, but to the world at large. But all this started really in the beginning of 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time and then during 2009, when Uranus in Pisces made an opposition to Saturn in Virgo activating that opposition of the 60’s which happened the other way around with Uranus in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, kind of sending that generation born in the 60’s into a real journey of self analysis and introspection willingly or unwillingly.

We all tried desperately to stick to what we had,  knowing unconsciously that the big changes were coming and that that will mean a period where we will reach a point of no return. Curiously there are still people that think: ” Oh well! Things never really change…” Hellooooo!!!!!! what dimension are in?

The square of Uranus and Pluto once again coincided with historical moments of revolution and revolt. We know by now that the last time we had a similar T-square involving Uranus-Saturn and Pluto was in 1927-1930 for the Great Depression. This time around we had a big Recession and we are still in it. At least in Spain, where I live now. In the 60’s when Pluto and Uranus were conjuncted in Virgo and Saturn opposed them for a while around 1965, we also had the Vietnam War and great moments of revolts in the States, in France and various other countries.  But in 2012 and exactly as from June, the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn will be in full swing until 2015. Whatever is outdated and still standing up will come down with a force. Unfortunately sometimes literally,which might mean more earthquakes and explosions of some sort. We also need to take into consideration that from now until June 2012 we will be experiencing a Grand Trine  of Jupiter in Taurus to Mars in Virgo and to Pluto in Capricorn, which will somehow make us feel more optimistic, due to some financial improvement that we may experience in that period, making us think that the big changes are over and that we are on our way to recovery, but we must really wait until this Pluto-Uranus square is well over, before we can jump up and down and start spending again. I really don’t want to sound negative nor I pretend to know what is going to happen, but what is true is that unexpected event which are life changing are still coming our way. Nothing wrong with that, except that the uncertainty could be quite stressing and disconcerting. At the same time, I personally think that all these changes were well overdue, so I am quite happy to be part of this historical period. Still, I don’t dream that what needs to be corrected and the years of abuse of the classes in power, will happen in my  life time, but i certainly hope it happens in my daughter’s life time. Am I being too optimistic?

Well, since I am an incorrigible optimistic, I think that all these changes happening now are taking us to better places. One thing is clear. There is no way we can allow the death of millions of children for lack of water or food, as it happens everyday,  when some part of the population live with excessive wealth, that they will never spend in 2 or 3 lives. There should be food for all of us if we just organize ourselves properly. Don’t you agree? And we can allow these people that we elect to represent us, to spend our money in their own benefit. I guess I am also an incorrigible Uranian person which means that the slavery of people, especially women and children still going on, sickens me greatly.

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) lives will remain challenging during 2012, yet there seems to be some kind of light in the horizon. For those born on the first 15 days of each of these signs, things are well on their way to recovery if you are prepared to deal with the fact that things still will be on “changing mode” as the Pluto-Uranus square will continue to affect the 8º to 11º of these signs for the next 3 years.  2012 is the year that starts with the retrograde of Mars in Virgo, meaning that instead of spending 2 month in this sign, as it usually does, it will be in Virgo until the 3rd of July, putting some  pressure and great upheavals to Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, especially. But Mars is only negative when we don’t live an active life. The best way to operate under a square of Mars is to become aware  of what annoys us and deal with it. If you try to be “nice” all the time, then you will get the worst of Mars. It is about getting things done. Fast and efficiently.

On February 3rd, Neptune will finally move to Pisces for the next 14 years, it will enter Aries on January 2026. Those people with planets in the early degrees of Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the call of Neptune to visit the world of Utopia, the Olympus, the Source. How each of us handle this kind of experience will decide if this is a positive or a negative thing in our lives. Neptune temps us to stay “there”, how we used to call it in the seventies when we were high, visiting the realm of Neptune. “Being there” meant that place where things are as we would like them to be. Where we can be who we want to be. Where we don’t need words to communicate. Creativity that doesn’t need expression, total union with Source, books without words, paintings without paint, on the positive side, but also the terror of unwelcome visitors, characters we can’t manage, who may torture us from beyond, from a distant past that we can’t explain. Neptune may mean temporary madness, as the more Dionysian side of it becomes active. Our imagination takes over and we find it really difficult to see reality, whatever that might mean at the time. If you have a creative outlet for your imagination, then you might experience your most creative period, still putting down in paint or words or movement, might be always disappointing, since nothing will ever be like in our imagination.

On a positive note, Neptune in Pisces (read my article about it on this blog) might mean a period when we all become increasingly aware that we may have the possibility to change the world and help each other, rather than continue saying :”Oh well, nothing ever changes” .  If  only we could forget our differences and cling to the feeling that WE ARE ALL ONE… If Neptune in Pisces doesn’t do that I don’t know what will. the New Moon in February 21st will mark the beginning of this cycle since the lunation happens at 2º Pisces in conjunction to Neptune at 0º.

March will see the Grand Trine of  Mars in Virgo, Venus-Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, all at around 9º, so for those with planets in those signs it could be a truly positive month when things suddenly get a boost of positivism and great possibilities. Saturn will finally leave Libra to enter Scorpio on October 5th and will remain there till December 24th 2014. Saturn enters Scorpio forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This could be a very healing aspect as Saturn gently reminds Neptune of what needs to be brought to reality. This trine is already active now, since they are are a trine distance at the moment in spite of Saturn being in Libra.

Hope you had a nice Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year!  With Jupiter already in direct motion, some kind of optimism should be reaching us all.