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This past  full moon in Capricorn of July 3rd , has really been powerful. It came hand in hand with Pluto and Uranus, which on  June 24th made the first exact square at 8 ° 23′ of Capricorn and Aries respectively, aspect that will repeat 7 times between now and 2015. Mars entered Libra at the same time, on its way to form the T-square with these two planets, which will happen on the 16th-17th and July 18th, right for the time of the New Moon in Cancer which added to this equation will be forming a cardinal Grand Cross, opposed to Pluto and in square to Mars and Uranus.

It is obvious that this planetary aspect and lunation breathes CHANGE. Everything that prevents us from advancing spiritually must be removed, or amputated from our lives, so that we can continue to evolve. It is possible that in many cases it will occurs literally, i.e. operations, where  by something gets  removed from our body . Old structures that have ceased to have meaning, will collapse both internally and externally. Everything that it is already in a process of change, will have a kind of review and a new force will remind us that the process has not yet ended and that we must strip ourselves of many outdated ideals, old fashion expectations, destructive attitudes, emotional and financial dependencies.

Uranus impels us to free ourselves, renew ourselves, break free from self-impossed chains, which served us to structure our lives, in the past, but that now slow us down and paralyze us. It is also the big push to rid us of cultural stories that prevent us from making progress in our process of individuation. Pluto brings the dirty laundry out in the open, so that we can really strip ourselves of what you don’t need anymore. Pluto talks about the emotional chains impose to ourselves by ourselves, in order not to feel alone, our obsessions and our need for union with each other, often in not a very healthy way. Finding the  balance between these two archetypes, represented by these two planets, which have been in this aspect more or less active since 2010, goes beyond the issue of collective change. We have seen and continue to see the fall of outdated Institutions, Governments, Heads of governmets, financial institutions, , we are becoming increasingly aware of the faults of our educational system, all over the world, but this is also a one-to-one call. For those who have a personal planet constellated by this aspect,  for example those born in the last days of March, June or September or December, they have the Sun being aspected by the Square of Uranus and Pluto, equally all those with the Moon or Venus or Mars around 8 to 10 degrees of the cardinal signs,will surely understand what I am talking about. How to find the balance between having intimacy with the other, without losing individuality. How can we feel special and different without feeling an outsider?. How to live our individuality without having to feel superior to others?. How to keep our individuality even in a close relationship with another? How to have a spiritual and deep union with another, without depending emotionally or financially? These are some of the topics constellated by this square, on a personal level.

As stated in the Kabbalah, we all come to this life to “rectify” something, James Hillman, says we all have been “called” to “do” something. Is in these moments when we have the opportunity to see clearly what is that “we should” rectify. Uranus stations retrograde on July 13 and Mercury has its second retrograde of the year as from the 15th. Uranus will be retrograde until December 14 and Mercury  stations direct  on August 8th. These retrograde periods invite us to review and rethink our situation in order to have a clearer vision of what is that we must correct or simply must solve. The retrograde Mercury normally coincide with a review of agreements or contracts signed in the past, also with the re-organization of paper word, such as bank’s statements, or correspondence should be re-read. The retrograde periods also coincide with poorly interpreted words and discussions on issues that do not seem to get clarified. This retrograde Mercury occurs in the sign of Leo, coinciding with the full moon was in trine to  Uranus in Aries. The possibility of new ideas to resolve old issues will be one of the benefits of this aspect, as it is the freedom from issues and mental patterns that limit us and impede our progress.

We all know that halfway through the 1960s, Pluto and Uranus were in conjunction in Virgo, so those born in those years, now have a wonderful opportunity to resolve issues that prevent their spiritual development. Angela Davies, an African American Revolutionary who headed the movement called Black Panthers, who went to jail on more than one occasion, for fighting for  freedom and the rights of African Americans in United States, received last week a prize for her work in those years that continues to the present. Moments of real culmination both at work and in private life, are also possibilities for these aspect.

Pallas, the asteroid, is also part of this lunation located in conjunction to Uranus in Aries. Pallas confronts us with celibacy, with intellectual intimacy versus sexual intimacy. As Pluto is part of this aspect, the conflict between these two forms of privacy, will be more evident, giving us the possibility to find a harmony between these two ways to relate or  seek intimacy.
Finally, Venus and Jupiter are at a distance of conjunction to about 4 degrees of orbit, in Gemini, therefore, the discord between two parties, will find a compromise, a possibility of agreement, less emotional and intelligent discussions will benefit from it. These two planets will be traveling in the sign of the twins, in conjunction almost until the end of the month, so prepare to take part of conversations taking into account the opinion of the other. Write more, listen more, think before you speak and dare to say what you normally have difficulty communicating. Dare to ask questions and give answers to issues that need to be clarified. Be honest with yourself and use the energy of Pluto to rummage through your soul and find the answers that complete the picture of your life at present.
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On Pluto in Capricorn symbolNov 26 at 6:36 pm, GMT, Pluro finally re entered Capricorn, where it will stay until 2024. Almost 16 years that we will actually need to fix this decaying financial system and obsolete institutions that need renewal.

And Pluto in Capricorn will do just that or rather, during the transit of Pluto through Capricorn we will experience that.

Last time that this planet was in Capricorn, 1763-1778, started with The Proclamation of 1763, signed by King George III of England, which prohibited any English settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains and required those already settled in those regions to return cast in an attempt to case tensions with the Native Americans.

In 1765, The Stamp Act is passed, by the British Parliament, imposing the first direct tax on the American Colonies, to offset the high costs of the British military organisation in America. Thus, for the first time, in the 150 years old history of the British colonies in America, the Americans will pay tax directly to England, instead of to their own local legislatures in America.

In 1768, Samuel Adams of Massachusetts, writes a Circular Letter opposing Taxation without representation and called for the colonists to unite in their

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actions against the British Government.

This was the beginning of a series of financial situations between the Colonies and England that ended with the Declaration of the American Independence in 1776.

So now, Pluto comes back to Capricorn for the first time since then, and look what is happening. The American financial system, not to say Capitalism is on the brink of collapse. If you think I am exaggerating you are probably right, but let’s wait and see what happens when Pluto in Cap, comes to the square with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. A cardinal grand cross which will be exact on August 1st, 2010.

And I am not being negative at all, i actually think this is the opportunity we needed to re-arrange and re-structure some of this old financial institutions, which are now proving to be ineffective.

But there is another side to Pluto ( the one that sheds light into dark areas) in Capricorn (authority figures, father), and if we look at the first entry of this planet in Cap, which occurred in January 26th, 2008 till June 14th, when it re-entered Sag, until last Wednesday, we see that it was in January that the Fritzl ( the Austrian pedophile) who fathered children with his own daughter, who he had kept for 24 years in a cellar or underground apartment, built by himself…….

Also in America, the CIA intervened in a case of sexual abuse of a religious sect, and went on to take the children away from the compound where they lived.

And now, just as Pluto re-enters Cap, on the same day, the trial of another father (Saturn) who fathered children with his two daughters, who he abused physically and sexually for years comes to light.

Event that poses the question of :”how come nobody realized what was happening?, meaning, neighbors, hospitals, where the daughters where taken for abortions or miscarriages, how come that nobody in 20 years realized and denounced this man or helped these women”?

What happened with the social services and how many more abusive fathers will we see during the Pluto in Capricorn journey? Not just biological fathers. Men in position of authority is a Capricornian theme, and Pluto will bring the dirty laundry into the open, so that we, can bring into our conscience all these issues we need to work on, as humans.

How come nobody realized what was going on? What is that telling us?

Perhaps, that the time for unity, collaboration and involvement has arrived.

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