A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart
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asteroid-goddessesHere comes another Super Moon,  the last of 5 that are usually formed when the Moon is at its perigee, or point closer to the Earth, therefore, giving us the opportunity to see it bigger than ever as the previous one was.Its power over the waters is stronger than ever, so large tides are common; many tsunamis have occurred at the time of super moons, its effect on our emotions, usually related to the element of Water is also powerful.

For the new moon in Virgo on August 25 which began the cycle this this full moon is bringing to a close, the Sun and Moon were in opposition to Neptune, whereas for this lunation of next week, the Moon is in conjunction to Chiron and therefore the Sun as opposed to the Centaur, son of Saturn, bringing to the for the subject of healing, making more obvious than ever, the areas of our soul that still hurt. At the same time, the Moon at 16º of Pisces, forms a Grand Trine to Juno, 16 ° Cancer and Vesta almost 17º of Scorpio, which is in line with Saturn 18º of Scorpio and Ceres at 10º of Scorpio.

The Moon with Juno and Vesta in a Grand Trine of female energy, which speaks to us of lessons to be learned about the importance of the balance of male-female, inside our psyche. In the article on the new moon in Virgo (http://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/new-moon-in-virgo-august-2014/) I spoke about the emphasis of that lunation on the inseparability of mental with the physical, the soul with the body. This Moon in PISCES reminds us of the influence of these female goddesses in our lives.

As Carl Jung said:  Archetypes are the essential universal thought forms available to human consciousness during all periods of time. The planets and asteroids bear the names of these deities, which correspond to this primal, immortal, eternal forces. To understand how the archetype of a planet or asteroid, operate, we must analyze the myth associated to each of them. It is precisely when we discover that we actually relive in our daily lives, the scripts described by these myths, that we begin to bring from the darkness of our psyche towards our consciousness, these patterns and stories often repeated literally.

The Moon which rises when the Sun sets, it has always been in all mythologies the symbol of the feminine, of the night, the dark and often hidden side of our psyche. With a host of deities as: Diana or Artemis, Selene and Hecate in Greco-Roman mythology, Hina and Mahina in Polynesia mythology, Metztli and Maya in the Aztec and Mayan mythology respectively, etc., etc. I would almost say thousands of them. Is in the full moon when the Sun and the Moon are opposite, facing each other, in line, therefore, the Moon receiving, in one of its sides, the light of the Sun in full, which offers us the possibility to see it in all its glory.

 Venus, born of the castration of the God Uranus, is the symbol of the power of female beauty, the power of female seduction, without which our specie would perish. Without this extraordinary Venusian force that leads men to have an erection and therefore to want to copulate and have children, it would be the end of us.

Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, are other four facets of the female experience, completing the mandala which holds Venus right in the center. We can not be fooled by the size of these asteroids, as if they were insignificant, since some of them such as Ceres, now named dwarf planet like Pluto by astronomers, and much closer to earth than the latter, has the same value in our psyche that the Lord of darkness.

But in this lunation are Vesta and Juno who form the great Trine with the Moon. Vesta, the ability to focus the energy and the experience of finding completion by oneself, represents the studious woman, the nun, unmarried women, the woman who puts her own spiritual development, her mission in life, above relationships. The true ruler of Virgo, for me. Juno, on the other hand, is looking for the famous “other half”, finds completion through another. Represents the “wife”, “married woman”, the female earning power by its relationship with another, normally a partner, with money, lineage and power. She gives the power of social status and finances to the husband. It is related to the sign of Scorpio. Therefore this trine speaks of balance in our psyche of these female experiences both in men and in women. The principle of relatedness (Juno) in harmony with our feelings and our emotional security (Moon) and the need to pursue our destiny and our spiritual integrity (Vesta) form a large harmonic triangle, giving us the opportunity to find balance between these aspects of our lives, so important to the health of relationships and family.

An extraordinary opportunity to stop blaming the other for our frustrations, to forgive, to take responsibility for our failures and the power to take control of our destiny rather than feeling hostility and revenge toward the other. The Sun is in Sextile to Vesta and Juno, meaning is at the midpoint between these two deities, also offering men the chance to make peace with these two aspects of women.

Jupiter already in square to Ceres and trine to Uranus, will resonate with mothers who are released from their role as mothers, either by their children moving away to University or to other countries, offering the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and the possibility of reconnecting with Vesta and Juno.

Venus will spend two or three days in opposition to Neptune, which helps us investigate our desire and deepest longings of connection with the divine through another, offering us the chance to understand that everything is a reflection of our inner universe and that in the Source, we are everything, we are ONE and that it is only in the human experience that we live this illusion of YOU and I. Venus-Neptune help us realize that LOVE is not mine, not yours, LOVE is a universal feeling that sometimes we can connect to if we are in harmony with our whole self. Some people help us connect with it easier than others.

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September 11th, is an important date for the Catalans and also for the whole world, and for completely different reasons, I mean that while here in Catalunya marks a national day, or Diada, this time was celebrated in a loud way, while the rest of the world remembers the infamous S11, when the World Trade Center two towers were attacked by two plane loaded with passengers. For some reason, I have decided that it was time to write about this full moon in PISCES, which is not formed until the 19th, but to which we are all heading, in the hope of finding some response on the issues presented by the new moon of September 5. This lunation occurs two days before the Autumn equinox, for the northern hemisphere and Spring for the southern hemisphere, which mark the point when the days begin to shorten or lengthen respectively. The trip to and from the darkness to light-
As we all know, this lunation as all the others, has its special characteristics. In addition to illuminating the angularity Virgo-Piscis, which confronts us with the dynamics to give form to our spirit, to manifest in the physical world (Virgo), the immeasurable, the ineffable (PISCES). The development of a technique (Virgo) which will help us express our divine inspiration (PISCES). This angularity speaks of the birth of Christ (PISCES) of a Virgin Mother (Virgo). But before Mary, virgins were not only virgins for not having been sexually ravaged, but because they did not belong to any men. i.e. As in the case of Vesta (many think that this asteroid rules Virgo, somehow) who struggles to find completion and fulfillment in life on her own, without the need to include the other, through meditation and dedication to a God or Goddess. Hence the image of the Priestess, who returns to the temple, to think and meditate, theme which also colors the Virgo-Pisces opposition. What PISCES brings to Virgo is also the understanding that no matter how much technique we may have, the spirit is not always materialized when one wants to. Picasso said: “I work all the time, so when I connect with the divine inspiration, it finds me working”.
The most remarkable or extraordinary of this lunation is the Venus-Saturno-Lunar Node conjunction in Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, trigone Neptune and especially Chiron, and in quadrature to Pallas and Mars in Leo. The theme of love and the abuse of power in relationships between men and women, comes to mind, and interestingly, for the first time in India, the 4 men who raped a 23 years old woman in a bus, late last year, which then died in the hospital of the wounds inflicted in the attack, have been sentenced to death, with incredible loud reaction from men and women, in this country which clearly shows that is really changing. Saturn and Pluto are in the third Sextile of this cycle, in which they are in mutual reception, meaning, in a sign that the other rules. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. In various parts of the world quite a few sexual abuse cases have jumped to the press like never before and many rapists, some in their 80s have been held accountable for abuse of power over young people of both sexes, acts committed, in several cases, almost 40 years earlier. Saturn isn’t named “Lord of Karma” by nothing. It is difficult to escape the winds of Karma while you are alive and even after death, as in the case of Jimmy Savile, the presenter of the BBC, who has been found guilty of dozens of cases of sexual abuse, what has ruined his memory and reputation, posthumously.
In the universal Chart of this lunation, considering the Asc. as the 0 degree of Aries, the conjunction Venus-Saturn-node obviously falls in the 8th House or Gate into the world of Hades, which certainly confirms, the series of scandals of corruption of our politicians and authority figures, who keep coming to our Courts. the square with Mars and Pallas, speaks of more than one situation power struggles between two parties on issues of shared finances and/or inheritances. These themes seem to arrive to a pivotal point at the peak of this lunation. THE trigone to Chiron, reflects the possibility of healing in the experience of these themes which are very Scorpio themes. As the Second House talks about the money we earn, the 8th House or Scorpio, speaks to us of that money which we can have access to, but without any power, i.e., money which creates debts and dependence on others. Separations, divorces, inheritances, are all triggered by this lunation in Pisces.
Gemini and Sagittarius are also affected by this, specially all those born in the last degrees of these signs.
This lunation impels us to the analysis of our true intentions and the ability to recognize that it is time to let go of certain cultural and family patterns to emerge as individuals and live our lives fully. While it is sometimes easier to follow the road marked by those who were born before us and above all, our culture, before raising a flag, ask yourself, if you really are in accordance with that side you are fighting with.
Negotiations on possible intervention in Syria is what is on the table at the moment, internationally and meanwhile the number of refugees and displaced persons grows in the form of an invasion in bordering countries. The destruction on the streets of this country seems inconceivable. What is clear is that the number of people escaping the situation is greater than those who struggle, indicating that most people want to live in peace and to be able to feed and care for their children. We’ll see what this lunation brings to this situation, what is clear is that Pisces and Virgo also speak of discerning which side we are on and if we are on one side or the other, or as PISCES tells us, we all are ONE, we have many more things in common than differences, therefore, What are we really fighting for?

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are in the middle of a Pisces Full Moon.

Tomorrow at around 5 in the afternoon, GMT, it’ll be exact, meaning

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the Sun (1º 26′ Virgo) will oppose the Moon (1º 26′ Pisces)

We arrive at this lunation on the 4th day of the Mercury retrograde cycle, also in Virgo.

The Virgo-Pisces angle is about the apparent opposition between form and not form. Between matter ( Virgo) and the ineffable (Pisces).

Pisces reigns over the instincts, the idealism, fantasy, imagination, compassion, vulnerability, victimization, mysticism, spirituality, sacrifice, and Virgo confronts us with the need to give form to all of that. Create a cable to earth, to serve, to discern over what is need it to do it and what is not. Finding resources and techniques for it.

Pisces without Virgo, might get stuck in the need to do it without ever doing it, Virgo without Pisces might find the best way, but will need the inspiration for the final impulse.

As with most oppositions they need each other.

Pisces says:-” whatever you need the Cosmos will provide it”, and Virgo replies: “But you must have a technique to make the most of it, when it arrives”. Picasso used to say: “I work all the time, so when inspiration comes caches me working”

The Moon enters Pisces still in aspect to Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, reminding us that natural healing, healing in groups, healing by reconnection or by belief, does work. If only we would give it a chance. But of course Virgo says: “yeah, but you need some kind of technique”.

There are many techniques to connect to what most call “Universal Energy”. Some of us do it meditating, others in contact with Nature, others by simply taking their attention to the palm of the hands. In fact, there is a great exercise we can all try.

A kind of ritual using the energies of this Full Moon. You can do it in the tranquility of your sitting room, in the park, in the country side, in some forest, where ever you can have a moment to yourself.

Eric Pearl, in his “Re-connection” suggests to simply let your hands hang naturally in its anatomic form, next to your body, with fingers slightly apart and then bend your elbows until your hands face each other ( I find is better if they are slightly turned towards the sky) up to the stomach level.

Bring your attention to the palms of your hands and simply “feel” for a while and see what happens.

When you begin to feel the energy that emanates from your hands you can slowly let it run through your whole body as if your were surrounded by it.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Give it a try. You might find you have powers you didn’t know you had.

If you practice a bit, it will come easier and easier to connect with the energy and you can try to use with your own body or those of your family, your kids for example when they have any kind of pain. See what happens.

This Moon also links with Venus and Mars in Libra, just as Obama calls for Israel and Palestine to sit and talk again.

This time the Gods might be on his side.

I don’t know about you but

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I am really enjoying this Libran times, having a great time with friends and by myself.

Beautiful energy!

In its more destructive face, this Moon in Virgo-Pisces confronts us with the need to avoid a health crises in Pakistan, where people are beginning to die of Cholera and other diseases, due to the floods. The help arriving from all over the world is a perfect expression of this Full Moon.

This powerful T-Square is still acting and Pakistan is a reminder that we can’t control it all but that the solutions come if we work together as one.

HAve a nice Full Moon!