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47428141To talk about the beauty and benefits of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (16 August) without looking at the context of what is happening at this moment, would be ridiculous. Especially when a week after this fantastic cosmic event peaks, another rather less fantastic conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio (24-25 August) takes place.
and as a prelude to all of this, comes the Full Moon in Aquarius, which, by the way, is a Super Moon, which means the Moon is at its perigee or point closer to the Earth at the time of a lunation.Both the Sun and the Moon are in square to Saturn in Scorpio with the looming proximity of Mars at already 8 degrees of orb of Saturn. Moreover, the Sun finds itself in very close proximity to Mercury in Leo, forming a T-square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. The first thing that jumps to mind is of course the situation in Gaza and the impossibility of finding any verbal agreement, which may stop the destruction.
As much as we seek the positive side of this, we must always remember, that Mars and Saturn, have always been, especially for traditional Astrology from ancient times the two most malefic planets. Taking into consideration that Pluto had not been discovered, neither Uranus nor Neptune. The latter forms a trine to Mars at the same time and thus to Saturn, reinforced by Chiron from the sign of Pisces, a great positive aspect that reminds us that in some respects, within the chaos in several regions of our planet, there is a certain thread of consciousness between all of us, that inspires us all to work together as much as we can to try and help the thousands of victims and refugees from these conflicts, for example, through NGOs or other means, provided we can overcome the paranoia we have in countries with dishonest politicians, that every organization, including all NGOs, are corrupt and therefore not worth investing money on.
On a personal level, those with planets around 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, especially, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the pinch of this full moon, with great mental stressing situations, where it is difficult to talk about things clearly and therefore facilitating verbal explosions. The only way to control this kind of tension a bit, is to become aware of the inadequacies which lie within us, and talk about things calmly and honestly, admitting personal mistakes and above all recognizing in oneself, the need to manipulate or control the other. Emotional power struggles are common in these cases, when neither partner wants to give in to the demands of the other. The story is about “winning”. But win what? if we look at the situation in Gaza once more, the israeli army is obviously more powerful than Hammas’, and have destroyed more than the all the rockets of Hammas. It seems they are winning because more Palestinian have died, but for the international public they are loosing because most people says: ‘the poor Palestinian’ – No matter the tunnels that have been built and hundreds of rockets being shot per day to Israel. At this time the invader is Israel, although they hold that it is in self-defense. So, who wins? Absolutely no one – there is only destruction, more hatred and more years of planned revenge. These are the typical Marte-Saturno squares in Scorpio.
Venus in the last degrees of Cancer forms a square to Eris in Aries, which predicts the reaffirmation of the defense by any means of one’s territory.
At a personal level is the same, if one does no give up the fight, obviously, the war continues. So think what is that so serious that you can not forgive, that you cannot bring yourself to let go of, to stop the conflict and initiate a new phase in your life or your relationships, more positive and less destructive. When the most important thing is to win and prove to yourself that you are right, the conflict remains.
The most famous Mars-Saturn square in a personal birthchart, is undoubtedly that of Adolf Hitler, which by the way, found Mars in conjunction to Venus in Taurus. Curious. And it is also in trine to a conjunction Moon-Jupiter, incredible!, but some aspect of Hitler psyche must have been really idealistic and kind. Yet the power of the Mars-Saturn aspect was much more eloquent than the Jupiter trines.
A similar thing happens for this lunation. Conflicts that describe personal frustrations are more powerful than the wonderful aspects of Jupiter, which by the way will be an exact conjunction to Venus in Leo, on August 16th. Could this aspect bring the end of the war, and allow us to see things in a way more philosophical and less conflicting way? of course not, especially when the following week we have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio-
Venus in addition to being Aphrodite, the goddess of seduction beauty and money, describes our system of values. It tells us about those things that we really appreciate, that we find beautiful, important.when for a brief moment, it is aligned with Jupiter, in the sign of Leo, suddenly all these values take a characteristic much more idealistic and philosophical. We dare to think big and feel within ourselves, that there are certain things in our lives, that they are worth fighting for. Suddenly our ethical and aesthetic expression are much more active and extensive. A sense of harmony and importance invades us and connects with that part of our psyche that transforms us into noble and heroic beings.
Robert Kennedy, the brother of the murdered President of USA and also assassinated was born with the conjunction Venus-jupiter in Capricorn. You can say many things about him, but his idealism was an undeniable feature of his personality. But Benito Mussolini also, was born with the same conjunction in Cancer.
There are some studies that say that the conjunction Venus-jupiter, was the star of Bethlehem, which guided the 3 KINGS and led them to the place where the Christ was being born.
This will be a heck of a month, full of challenges, many of them encapsulated around August 10, at the time of this full moon in Aquarius, others at the end of the month. Enjoy the Venus-Jupiter conjunction if you can. If you are a Leo or Aquarius, it can bring you high hopes and opportunities that will help you see your way more clearly. If you are a Sagittarius or Aries, also enjoy those days of inspiration, they will help you take decision to do what you have to do to live in peace with your mind and soul.


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Minority woman with her children fighting in the backgroundToday Mercury in its  retrograde face that began on Feb. 6 at 3 ° PISCES 18′, dips back into the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we have to keep our minds open and with a view to the Universal Future.
We are also two days away from the full moon in Leo  which peaks on the 14th  at 26 ° Leo-Aquarius 13′. All full moons concludes, or bring closure to situations initiated in the previous new moon which in this case was on January 30 at 10º Aquarius 55′. The power of this Full  Moon and its effect on us will be intimately related to the tension in the situations at hand. Since all this is happening  in ‘coincidence’ with a retrograde motion of Mercury, which is part of this lunation, being in conjunction to the Sun, and in direct opposition to the Moon, themes of communication, both verbal and written, are illuminated. To complete the picture, Saturn from Scorpio forms what we call a T-square to this lunation making a square to the Sol-Mercury conjunction  and to the Moon.  The singing, renewal, extension, of contracts are issues to consider, as it is the RE-structure of both verbal and written agreements, and the way we  express ourselves both professionally and with family and loved ones.
 These aspects, coincide with situations that seem definitely to twist of Fate, since they appear to be out of our control, but even so, they force us to RE-condider a situation that has been born from something we have said, signed, written and its consequences. A reminder of the word Karma, so abused today, normally referring to actions of “other lives”, but in its true meaning as it is the confrontation with the result of decisions we have taken in THIS life. Of course,  I am not talking only about painful outcomes, but in any case things that  we must RE-vise, RE-consider, RE-think.
Neptune is also part of this Lunation since is  close enough to Mercury and the Sun and therefore in opposition to the Moon, which reminds us the possibilities of any deception, in the sense of not having paid attention to all the details. If you are signing something, these days, is very important that read all the “fine print” of what is being  signed, which might  then turn or be used against us. Meetings of communities to discuss relevant issues are also very possible.
Mars from Libra and about to station retrograde on March 1st, is n an exact Trine to the Sun and almost exact to Mercury and in an exact Sextile to the Moon, therefore the momentum to reach an agreement is powerful and in this case we must also sit and read “the fine print” carefully. The power of the Martian energy are difficult to control and more than one of us, will lose control these days and say things we’ll regret later. Measure your words and think. Fortunately Jupiter from Cancer forms a trine to Neptune and Chiron, which might make even more difficult to control impulses,  it also enhances the ability to forgive, to reflect and to correct, intensifying the compassion and the ability to see the other’s point of view.
The sign of Aquarius, very relevant in this Lunation, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, inspires us to look towards a future of equality, collaboration, freedom, community, beyond boundaries of nationality, culture and religion. It confronts us with the fact that before having a nationality or cultural conditioning, we have Life, and Humanity. We are born of another human being, and we must learn to survive, learning to eat, Digest, breathe, evacuate, express ourselves, walk, defend ourselves, ask for food when we need it, or ask for a touch when we are hot or cold, smiling, crying, playing, etc. All these human processes that everyone must learn to manage, before having a nationality or a culture or language. Our origin is the same in all cultures, nationalities and religions. We are born from the encounter of two humans in a sexual act, which may or may not be full of love. Even so, almost all of us are born of an act of Love and Necessity.
Open your mind and think about what you think, say, or sign.
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breaking-freeIn fact yesterday, today and tomorrow, and perhaps few more days. Everything depends on our ability to connect with the different feelings that we have every day, without discarding them as something uncomfortable or without understanding them  completely or simply that we are sometimes so used to feel in a certain way that we don’t question anymore.
But as Tom Wolfe said: “Questions not formulated, become symptoms”.
With a full moon like this one, which comes from the hand of a Mars opposition to Uranus on way to squaring Pluto, I think that many of us, and especially those of us who have Cardinal signs in angles or planets in Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, can feel how from the depths of our being, a force strives to manifest itself and overwhelmed us at times and us floods with emotions, in others.
Today i almost had an argument with the girl behind the counter in the bakery, for something that neither she nor I, had any intention to discuss or argue about, but fortunately I had the wisdom of stopping it in time, because my wisest part, said to me: “isn’t her who you’re angry with”. The fact that Mars is transiting Libra also helped. Since Libra has the power to make us want to find a diplomatic solution to everything.
Marte-Urano – Pluto together are like an atomic bomb, so the beginning of this week, we  can expect some strong feeling and cries for freedom. The Uranian force is felt strongly in combination with Mars and inner rage and the desire to get rid of the straitjacket we wear, which we often feel is put on us by : our culture, our partner, our children, our heads, our teachers, our politicians, our ideals, becomes now a very powerful force.
The full moon itself, which takes place at the Gemini-Sagittarius angle, and in conjunction with Mercury, gives us the  possibility of a dialogue, exchange of ideals, but a few hours later, after the Moon reaches its exact opposition with the Sun, it moves to the sign of Cancer and makes a link to the  Marte-Urano – Pluto T-square, forming a Grand Cross, for a few brief hours and besides Uranus stations direct on the 18, after 5 months in retrograde motion. This is a key point,  the moment that a planet slows down to change direction, it will  remind us, that we have abandoned the fight, something we can’t do, because life according to Uranus is a constant fight against the establishment. With the help of Neptune in PISCES and  Pluto in Capricorn,  we are once again reminded that we cannot afford complacency, because the world is not as it should be. We are still in this world where women are raped and sold by their own mothers and Malala was shot for writing a blog in defense of women’s education. In some places people go out to loot supermarkets and instead of stealing food, they take plasma screens. In the Lebanon there are more than 2 million refugees living in the snow in plastic tents, and the European Community, looks and does nothing. In India, they have revoked the law which allowed homosexuals to feel secure in the streets without being stoned or abused and in Iran, they are hung. With all this, I don’t mean for a moment that  good things are not happening and that goodness is not more powerful than evil, but what is certain is that we still have much to fight and protest against.
The trine of Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer, shows us that  there are things we can do, that  we can participate actively  in the needed  changes in our closest environment, and that the individual work is as important as the collective and that our petty discussions with our neighbors, family members, our fellow countrymen or /and coworkers,  distract from the large picture, the real struggle for freedom of expression, all over the world, one way or another. That homely image of children around the fire place opening their gifts, is not so convincing with Mars opposing Uranus on Christmas day, somehow,  it will not be as calm as on other occasions. These are moments of self-inspection, self-consciousness, so that instead of  quarreling  with the world, simply because we are frustrated, we should be part of something bigger,  as to bring about changes that will benefit the whole world or at least  our community. Venus,  in Capricorn at the moment,stations retrograde on February 1, therefore it will be in this sign, for a longer time than normal, until March 6. Financial issues and our personal relationships get an opportunity to be re-examined, so we can think and meditate on our true values and desires.
On top of it all,  this full moon, when it peaks,  will be aligned with the Galactic Center, this great black hole that we have no idea what it really is, or its full might.

But  do not panic, because I’m not talking about the end of the world, I am simply saying that you listen to your feelings and your heart and let your need for freedom guide you, even to the mere recognition of how, by whom and why you don’t feel free, you do not feel able to express all your creativity, your thoughts and your soul. This is an opportunity for you to understand what is it that keeps you prisoner inside your own psyche.

The message of this moon, is perhaps, contemplation, meditation and recognitions of our limitations. Again, remember:  True freedom comes with Forgiveness – Mandela


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Interestingly, this is the second full moon in Aquarius, since last month’s one was too.The one on the 22nd of July was at 0º Aquarius and this one, tomorrow is at 28° of this sign opposite Leo, which is where the Sun is right now since July 22.
This is a Moon next to Nessus, the vengeful and abusive Centaur and Neptune and opposite the Sun (of course) which is located next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta. The Archetypes of the asteroids shine in the heavens so that we take notice of the complexity of the human existence. The multiplicity of dimensions as our daily experience is difficult to grasp and this reminds us once again, that it is much easier to live within the same dimension all the time, ignoring the rest. But then a the full moon like this one comes along and suddenly everything is stirred and we wonder what is happening to us, what are these emotions that seem to erupt from the inside out and we don’t know how to read or much less control?
First and foremost this moon coincides with the fact that Jupiter from Cancer, just the next day, will make a square to Uranus, the first of three and we also know that whatever makes an aspect to Uranus, at this moment, it also does it to Pluto. Although the opposition to Pluto was already formed a few days ago, this contact to Uranus, re-enacts, re-vives the Urano-Pluto.
No doubt the situation in Egypt speaks loudly of it, as in Syria, or in the Arab world in general. But at the individual level, this is also a very important moment, as certain situation that we have been dealing with, in many cases, for years, have a new opportunity of review them, find a solution or at least a new idea to solve them. But it is also a brilliant opportunity so review our values, our intentions and above all, the costs of this struggles, not only financially but also emotionally. What or who is that we are struggling with? Is it worth our sorrow, is it worth to continue? Is the price of it simply too high? The case of Pistorius, the amputee runner who killed his girlfriend, in South Africa, was in Court today just on the eve of this full moon, although the trial will not be until March 2014, today Pistorius has officially been charged with premeditated murder.
As we have seen on several occasions with the Aquarius-Leo angle, I vs them. The great Them. The group, the tribe, the herd and I. The more I know, and more I change on the inside, the more I can affect the external changes, the group. These wars that we have at this moment in the world, are mostly tribal wars, where individuality disappears, is sacrificed for the needs of the herd. And while this is sometimes necessary, the balance between the two extremes is our only salvation.
This week we have been actually living the negative side of Jupiter, the exaggerated idealism, the emotional overflow and of water (Cancer), flooding can be heard in the news everywhere. Jupiter activating the square Urano-Pluto is being felt, with Venus quickly approaching from Libra to form a Grand Cross with these three planets and that will be exact on 25, 26 and 27 of this month. Emotions soar, situations ask for a solution, simply because we can not hide under the rug or table anymore. Everything about Libra and Venus has to do with human relations. Do we have the ability to put ourselves in the place of the other?, at least for a few moments?
Jupiter also maintains for few more days the Grand Trine to Neptune and Saturn, a sense that everything will be, what should be, supports us and reassures us. Still. how to decide which is the best option? One thing is certain: none of us can make the other love us the way we want to be loved, nor can we save who is unwilling to be saved, not even our own children. But the only thing we can not only do, but must do is to save ourselves, removing everything from our lives that thwarts our growth.
This full moon falls very close to Uranus in the birthchart of all those born in the years 1962-63, triggering the need to rid oneself of that which is represented by the House where Uranus is in the chart. This group of people are also born with Neptune in Scorpio, and are therefore experiencing the transit of Saturn over that Neptune. In reality this happens to all those born between 1957-70. If they are also born the last 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then this full moon will be stirring a few issues that need to be expressed and projected inside out, from the depths of the soul.

When we start to feel some discomfort or anxiety, it is best to first remember that these 2 or 3 days before the full moon, are the most powerful and once the Moon reaches its peak, which will happen tomorrow night and early morning on wednesday, the anxiety will come down, so relax, but, what we must not do is to waste the experience, and we must ask ourserlves what is our soul trying to communicate that should be communicated somehow.
The Moon in conjunction to Neptune stimulates our imagination and puts us in contact with our deepest longings. What do you yearn for, or feel nostalgia for? These are the questions which we should find answers to. The proximity to Nessus, connects us with that part of our being that feels abused, powerless, which connects us with feelings of revenge and hatred. Remember, no one has power over us unless we grant it. Search inside yourself,find your inner power and use it, with peace and harmony. The Sun from Leo next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta, reminds us that what we seek out to feel safe and protected is within ourselves. This place we are looking for is called acceptance and it exists only in the depths of our being. If I accept myself, I will accept others. If it sounds cliche is because it is, but is also true.
Enjoy this Aquarius Full Moon and comment on your experience.

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This full moon in Leo, seems to close or add a vital ingredient to the theme begun for the new moon in Cancer on January 11th. We know that when the full moon falls on Leo it is because the Sun is in Aquarius.
Last night, in one of my classes one of my students brought me the transcript of the acceptance speech of Barack Obama for his last inauguration as President. Barack Obama, a Leo with Aquarius Ascendant, began the speech citing a portion of the Declaration of Independence of his country which reads as follows:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, which are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
There is an air of Leo-Aquarius in these words, especially in the declaration that “all men are created equal” (Aquarius) and with special talents, unique to each one, to be developed in “the pursuit of happiness” (Leo). The Leo-Acuario drama, talks about how to be special and develop our personal and unique talents and at the same time, part of a group, a team,which benefits all and also each member thereof. How to join a group and be part of a whole without losing our individuality. Obama adds: “preserve our individual freedom, in the end, requires collective action”.
Sometimes I think that movies are a perfect example of this. It requires a very good team (director, writer, actors, lighting technicians, musicians, etc) to make a good film. If you then get a very good movie then everyone involved shine therefore.
This full moon in Leo, formes a T-square with Saturn in Scorpio. This is a reminder, that our freedom ends where someone else’s
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starts . There are boundaries in life that are undeniable and if we don’t respect them or apply them in our life, then life will remind us of them, all the time. If you want to jump from a very high mountain paragliding, you must first learn how to do it. If you want to spend 10 hours in the gym and you are over 60 years old, you ought take care of your heart. If you want to be the best pianist in the world you must play piano for many hours, and like Malcolm Gladwell says, at least 10,000 hours, before you may call yourself a good pianist. Saturn constantly reminds us that we are not gods, we have limits and also the fact that everything requires hard work, to become good, even love. Especially love.

Venus in Capricorn is in a to Eris in Aries, and this seems to remind that the exclusivity in love, is very difficult. That we can not be “so special” for anyone, so that he/she never finds anybody more interesting, or more beautiful than us. There is always someone better than us, but there is never another equal to us.
What makes us special and unique, is not being the most beautiful, the most interesting, or the most intelligent, what makes us unique, is our own combination of all this. Nobody has to offer exactly the same thing. What makes us special and unique is daring to be who we really are. With our talents, difficulties, inner demons, limitations, and vision of life. He or she who carries his own baggage with dignity and confidence, with the conviction that he or she also has something to offer to the whole, now, that’s sexy.! The wrath of Eris is toned down with Acceptance and Humility.
Uranus in Aries also forms a conjunction to Pallas in Aries and at the same time, the two of them form a square to Pluto in Capricorn. The issue of independence and the freedom to exercise our rights is one of the reminders of this combination. Pallas connects us with the old struggle between the masculine and the feminine. The choice of celibacy as defense or “revenge” against the opposite sex or the struggle for equality in the relationship. Power struggles with other women, with female bosses, teachers, are exacerbated by this contact to Pluto. Still, Pallas-Urano, form a trine to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun, therefore, the struggle for independence and personal freedom, may not encounter so much resistance. It could help us discover that the resistance is in our own mind.
Jupiter stations direct in Gemini on January 30, which will bring a deep sense of optimism and faith, it may bring the rewards of efforts and hard work of the past. Jupiter has been in square to Chiron, for the past 6 months , suggesting the road to follow in search of the desired healing. Something within us, pushes us to seek, beyond the neighborhood, for the right answer, one that shows us the path to follow.
Fixed signs, will be most affected by this lunation, especially with the passage of Mars by Aquarium, which has added a bit of stress to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
Feel free to comment on your experience of this lunation.
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This past  full moon in Capricorn of July 3rd , has really been powerful. It came hand in hand with Pluto and Uranus, which on  June 24th made the first exact square at 8 ° 23′ of Capricorn and Aries respectively, aspect that will repeat 7 times between now and 2015. Mars entered Libra at the same time, on its way to form the T-square with these two planets, which will happen on the 16th-17th and July 18th, right for the time of the New Moon in Cancer which added to this equation will be forming a cardinal Grand Cross, opposed to Pluto and in square to Mars and Uranus.

It is obvious that this planetary aspect and lunation breathes CHANGE. Everything that prevents us from advancing spiritually must be removed, or amputated from our lives, so that we can continue to evolve. It is possible that in many cases it will occurs literally, i.e. operations, where  by something gets  removed from our body . Old structures that have ceased to have meaning, will collapse both internally and externally. Everything that it is already in a process of change, will have a kind of review and a new force will remind us that the process has not yet ended and that we must strip ourselves of many outdated ideals, old fashion expectations, destructive attitudes, emotional and financial dependencies.

Uranus impels us to free ourselves, renew ourselves, break free from self-impossed chains, which served us to structure our lives, in the past, but that now slow us down and paralyze us. It is also the big push to rid us of cultural stories that prevent us from making progress in our process of individuation. Pluto brings the dirty laundry out in the open, so that we can really strip ourselves of what you don’t need anymore. Pluto talks about the emotional chains impose to ourselves by ourselves, in order not to feel alone, our obsessions and our need for union with each other, often in not a very healthy way. Finding the  balance between these two archetypes, represented by these two planets, which have been in this aspect more or less active since 2010, goes beyond the issue of collective change. We have seen and continue to see the fall of outdated Institutions, Governments, Heads of governmets, financial institutions, , we are becoming increasingly aware of the faults of our educational system, all over the world, but this is also a one-to-one call. For those who have a personal planet constellated by this aspect,  for example those born in the last days of March, June or September or December, they have the Sun being aspected by the Square of Uranus and Pluto, equally all those with the Moon or Venus or Mars around 8 to 10 degrees of the cardinal signs,will surely understand what I am talking about. How to find the balance between having intimacy with the other, without losing individuality. How can we feel special and different without feeling an outsider?. How to live our individuality without having to feel superior to others?. How to keep our individuality even in a close relationship with another? How to have a spiritual and deep union with another, without depending emotionally or financially? These are some of the topics constellated by this square, on a personal level.

As stated in the Kabbalah, we all come to this life to “rectify” something, James Hillman, says we all have been “called” to “do” something. Is in these moments when we have the opportunity to see clearly what is that “we should” rectify. Uranus stations retrograde on July 13 and Mercury has its second retrograde of the year as from the 15th. Uranus will be retrograde until December 14 and Mercury  stations direct  on August 8th. These retrograde periods invite us to review and rethink our situation in order to have a clearer vision of what is that we must correct or simply must solve. The retrograde Mercury normally coincide with a review of agreements or contracts signed in the past, also with the re-organization of paper word, such as bank’s statements, or correspondence should be re-read. The retrograde periods also coincide with poorly interpreted words and discussions on issues that do not seem to get clarified. This retrograde Mercury occurs in the sign of Leo, coinciding with the full moon was in trine to  Uranus in Aries. The possibility of new ideas to resolve old issues will be one of the benefits of this aspect, as it is the freedom from issues and mental patterns that limit us and impede our progress.

We all know that halfway through the 1960s, Pluto and Uranus were in conjunction in Virgo, so those born in those years, now have a wonderful opportunity to resolve issues that prevent their spiritual development. Angela Davies, an African American Revolutionary who headed the movement called Black Panthers, who went to jail on more than one occasion, for fighting for  freedom and the rights of African Americans in United States, received last week a prize for her work in those years that continues to the present. Moments of real culmination both at work and in private life, are also possibilities for these aspect.

Pallas, the asteroid, is also part of this lunation located in conjunction to Uranus in Aries. Pallas confronts us with celibacy, with intellectual intimacy versus sexual intimacy. As Pluto is part of this aspect, the conflict between these two forms of privacy, will be more evident, giving us the possibility to find a harmony between these two ways to relate or  seek intimacy.
Finally, Venus and Jupiter are at a distance of conjunction to about 4 degrees of orbit, in Gemini, therefore, the discord between two parties, will find a compromise, a possibility of agreement, less emotional and intelligent discussions will benefit from it. These two planets will be traveling in the sign of the twins, in conjunction almost until the end of the month, so prepare to take part of conversations taking into account the opinion of the other. Write more, listen more, think before you speak and dare to say what you normally have difficulty communicating. Dare to ask questions and give answers to issues that need to be clarified. Be honest with yourself and use the energy of Pluto to rummage through your soul and find the answers that complete the picture of your life at present.
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Here were are again in an Aries Full Moon, like last month. How come?

On September 23, the Moon was at 0º of Aries, this time at 29º.

The aspects to it from the rest of the planet are not the same. They never are. Things keep moving and changing in the Universe and also inside of us, even if we insist in remaining the same.

Although Aries represents beginnings, the first step, pioneering action, the 29º, is about finishing up, making sure we understand completely what we are about to leave behind, in order to start a new chapter, having learnt the lessons of the present one.

It’s a bit like bringing the flag down to prepare for the next day when we will raise a new flag.

Whatever we have initiated around October 7th for the New Moon, now comes to a closure.

Since this Full Moon is in the angle of Aries-Libra, we must find the balance between what and who we are as opposed to who we are in relation to the other.

The cardinal signs and especially Aries-Libra have been hit quite a lot recently and it isn’t over just yet. Cancer and Capricorn too.

The Sun contacts Neptune and Chiron shining a lights in the areas we must find some healing for in ourselves and in the relationship. What do we have to take care of before we can relate in a healthy manner.

For those relationships coming to an end, the message is that of healing and acceptance. The compassion of Neptune and Chiron should not apply only to others, but also to ourselves.

The understanding of what

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it is that the “other” represents in our lives and what qualities are those that we seem to benefit from by being with the other, is a clear message of what we need to integrate in our lives.

On the other hand, the Moon contacts Pluto, as if we were to be reminded that in order to feel empowered and complete, we must confront our dark side. There is no freedom or happiness without going through the dark areas of our psyche first.

It is normally through a relationship that we encounter the inner beast, through jealousy, envy, possessiveness.

If we don’t do the journey through Pluto and our inner Underworld and confront the beast, it will for ever lurk from the darkness, victimizing us.

The Sun is 4º away from Mercury in Scorpio, so this is the ideal time to speak up, to dare to open your heart and say what you feel, without fear, with resolution.

If we never say how we really feel, the result is loneliness and isolation.

Pluto is in line with the Moon Nodes, rendering a kind of inevitability to the events of this week end.

Something feels extremely karmic and fated about what we are experiencing.

The Myth of Persefone comes to mind, and the initial powerlessness she felt, until she found her place within her Fate.

One thing is for sure, we cannot make someone love us, we cannot make them do what they do not want to do. But we can definitely re-direct our lives and take decisions to change.

A relationship ends when one of its members stops growing. A kind of stagnation comes before the decision is taken to end it.

The understanding of the limitations of our Free Will is in there somewhere.

Stephen Hawking says in his new book “The grand design”: that Free Will is an illusion.

Jung says: “Free will is the ability to do gladly, that which we must do”

Becoming aware of our limitations is a step forward.

The lesson of this Full Moon perhaps, is then the idea, that we must transcend the little war within the relationship and try to find a balance between Aries and Libra. Between I and YOU.

Stephen Hawking also says in his book: that according to quantum physics we cannot observe a phenomena without being affected by it.

It makes me wonder what that does to Astronomers who deny Astrology.

USe this time around the Full Moon to ponder about these issues.

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Interesting week this coming week! Here we are at the point when Jupiter and Uranus meet again in Pisces, this time exactly at almost 29º. Having met at the end of May near this point and exactly conjuncted at 0º Aries on June 8th, we have been seeing all sort of protests and manifestations and confrontation in the religious world.

The Islamic Center’s construction 2 blocks away from Ground Zero, was one, then the Florida Preacher, who’s threaten with burning copies of the Koran, for S-11’s anniversary, to then desist due to repeated death threats to him and a convincing conversation with the White House. Then came Stephen Hawkins with his new book The Grand Design excluding God from the Creation of the Universe and now, exactly for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, the Pope visits Scotland and England surrounded by the controversy of the sexual abuse perpetrated by some of the members of the Church and being forced to apologize to the families of the victims and the rest of us.

If we had any doubts that Pisces and Jupiter have to do with our beliefs, they are now over. This is a preparation for the brief entry of Neptune into the sign of the Fishes, in April 2011 where it will stay around the 0º Pisces until the 6th of August when it will dip back into Aquarius until  February 4th, 2012 to then re-enter Pisces until January 2026.

Jupiter and Uranus meet in Pisces when they are both in their retrograde motion. As we have seen with other retrogrades, they seem to bring an opportunity for reflecting on decisions taken or to be taken, for re-thinking situations that need our attention.

Taking into consideration that it is Jupiter and in its own sign of Pisces, Religion is without a doubt one the issues we need to think about as a group of people. As the human group.

As Neptune traveled though Aquarius, we have seen the re-emergence of fanatical religious groups which have caused death and fear to the world.

In the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, all these amazing nets of Internet social communities have become overwhelming: Facebook, You Tube and the rest of them. It has changed the way we relate and communicate with each other.

When Jupiter and Uranus met in Aries we all got a positive impulse to do something with our lives, and many of us have moved in the right direction. Yet, before these two go back to Aries, we need to re-adjust few things to not to repeat mistakes of the past. If you have not followed the inner impulse for action that the 0º of Aries brought, this is the perfect time to look inside yourself and ask why? What is that part of you that stops you from doing what your heart is asking you to do? Time to establish some kind of dialogue with yourself. In the Northern Hemisphere we had the Summer and that is the moment to stop and relax, yet this is the kind of excuse we give to others but not to “The man in the mirror “, like MJ said.

Jupiter begs for expansion, impulses us to go beyond borders, and Uranus says we can do it just sitting in front of the computer but in a radical fashion. Think Stephen Hawkins.

As the right wing movements in Europe begin to flourish due to problems with immigrants, we need to ask ourselves why this is happening. Most people prefer to stay in their land, if they had a choice. If they are forced to leave, is quite often against their wishes.

If we continue not helping these countries in trouble, and causing wars, what do we expect people to do? Are we really surprised that Iraqis have gone to live somewhere else? Really? Wouldn’t everyone?

Pisces reminds us that never mind our cultural differences, we are all from the only human race on this planet. Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, remind us that our beliefs have taking us to kill each other. The question is: Until when?

The September Full Moon happens in the 0º of Aries. The degree of action. It triggers the big T-Square, it makes a Grand Cross to the Lunar Nodes.

This feels a little like when you have all the lights on in your house. There is a risk of blowing the electrics. We have to stop and meditate a bit. It’s a wake up call, like most of the events that have been happening since this T-Square started to become very close, about a year ago.

Confrontations will be a real possibility if we refuse to change. We need to realize that these are changing times and although we would love to stay the way we are, never mind how unhappy, this is no longer possible.

For all those brave ones, who have gone to new adventures, the planetary winds will be gentler. However, if you are still trying to hang on to old patterns of living which are not enriching you in any way, the curtain is closing.

Free will consists in doing what you must do, gladly. (C. Jung) and graciously, I may add.

These are strong energetic points when things become so obvious, we would have to be completely blind to our inner calling and headstrong (paralyzed by fear) not to notice.

Fear is OK, but we have to conquer it. It’s only when we do that we acquire Clarity (Don Juan teachings, Carlos Castañeda)

It’s OK to be afraid, life is not easy! So we must  DO anyway!

An Aries Full Moon can be very exciting too, if you use your free will, and choose ACTION!

Have a great one!