A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart
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breaking-freeIn fact yesterday, today and tomorrow, and perhaps few more days. Everything depends on our ability to connect with the different feelings that we have every day, without discarding them as something uncomfortable or without understanding them  completely or simply that we are sometimes so used to feel in a certain way that we don’t question anymore.
But as Tom Wolfe said: “Questions not formulated, become symptoms”.
With a full moon like this one, which comes from the hand of a Mars opposition to Uranus on way to squaring Pluto, I think that many of us, and especially those of us who have Cardinal signs in angles or planets in Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, can feel how from the depths of our being, a force strives to manifest itself and overwhelmed us at times and us floods with emotions, in others.
Today i almost had an argument with the girl behind the counter in the bakery, for something that neither she nor I, had any intention to discuss or argue about, but fortunately I had the wisdom of stopping it in time, because my wisest part, said to me: “isn’t her who you’re angry with”. The fact that Mars is transiting Libra also helped. Since Libra has the power to make us want to find a diplomatic solution to everything.
Marte-Urano – Pluto together are like an atomic bomb, so the beginning of this week, we  can expect some strong feeling and cries for freedom. The Uranian force is felt strongly in combination with Mars and inner rage and the desire to get rid of the straitjacket we wear, which we often feel is put on us by : our culture, our partner, our children, our heads, our teachers, our politicians, our ideals, becomes now a very powerful force.
The full moon itself, which takes place at the Gemini-Sagittarius angle, and in conjunction with Mercury, gives us the  possibility of a dialogue, exchange of ideals, but a few hours later, after the Moon reaches its exact opposition with the Sun, it moves to the sign of Cancer and makes a link to the  Marte-Urano – Pluto T-square, forming a Grand Cross, for a few brief hours and besides Uranus stations direct on the 18, after 5 months in retrograde motion. This is a key point,  the moment that a planet slows down to change direction, it will  remind us, that we have abandoned the fight, something we can’t do, because life according to Uranus is a constant fight against the establishment. With the help of Neptune in PISCES and  Pluto in Capricorn,  we are once again reminded that we cannot afford complacency, because the world is not as it should be. We are still in this world where women are raped and sold by their own mothers and Malala was shot for writing a blog in defense of women’s education. In some places people go out to loot supermarkets and instead of stealing food, they take plasma screens. In the Lebanon there are more than 2 million refugees living in the snow in plastic tents, and the European Community, looks and does nothing. In India, they have revoked the law which allowed homosexuals to feel secure in the streets without being stoned or abused and in Iran, they are hung. With all this, I don’t mean for a moment that  good things are not happening and that goodness is not more powerful than evil, but what is certain is that we still have much to fight and protest against.
The trine of Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer, shows us that  there are things we can do, that  we can participate actively  in the needed  changes in our closest environment, and that the individual work is as important as the collective and that our petty discussions with our neighbors, family members, our fellow countrymen or /and coworkers,  distract from the large picture, the real struggle for freedom of expression, all over the world, one way or another. That homely image of children around the fire place opening their gifts, is not so convincing with Mars opposing Uranus on Christmas day, somehow,  it will not be as calm as on other occasions. These are moments of self-inspection, self-consciousness, so that instead of  quarreling  with the world, simply because we are frustrated, we should be part of something bigger,  as to bring about changes that will benefit the whole world or at least  our community. Venus,  in Capricorn at the moment,stations retrograde on February 1, therefore it will be in this sign, for a longer time than normal, until March 6. Financial issues and our personal relationships get an opportunity to be re-examined, so we can think and meditate on our true values and desires.
On top of it all,  this full moon, when it peaks,  will be aligned with the Galactic Center, this great black hole that we have no idea what it really is, or its full might.

But  do not panic, because I’m not talking about the end of the world, I am simply saying that you listen to your feelings and your heart and let your need for freedom guide you, even to the mere recognition of how, by whom and why you don’t feel free, you do not feel able to express all your creativity, your thoughts and your soul. This is an opportunity for you to understand what is it that keeps you prisoner inside your own psyche.

The message of this moon, is perhaps, contemplation, meditation and recognitions of our limitations. Again, remember:  True freedom comes with Forgiveness – Mandela


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Finally Jupiter moves to Gemini after 12 years of absence in this sign and after a year in the sign of Taurus. Comes aligned with the Lunar nodes in the angles of Sagittarius (North) and Gemini (South), as if speaking of issues to resolve that they began long beforewe were born. We already know this angle corresponds to the 3 and 9 houses of the birthchart, of communication and education. With our ideals and beliefs, and how to express them.

Enters Gemini accompanied by Venus and the Sun, in this sign, the latter in a spectacular trine to Saturn, in harmony with the fact that Spanish banks have been bailed by European banks. But the Sun also continues its square to Mars in Virgo, therefore, the route of the banks is not yet full of rose petals. The entry of Jupiter in Gemini is also accompanied by the Saturn station-direct on June 25th in the last degrees of Libra to re-iniciate its direct motion through he last 5 degrees of Libra until October 6, when the Lord of the Rings enters Scorpio finally giving a break to the Cardinal (Aries-Cáncer – Libra and Capricorn) signs, although not completely, since, on the 24th and 25th, Uranus and Pluto make their first contact or square of the 7 which they will have between now and 2015, also in the cardinal signs of Aries (Uranus) and Capricorn (Plutón). Ultimately, changes continue, the revolutions are still on the table, and if at some point in your life, you thought of compromising with the community you live in and take to the streets to claim your rights, or discontent, this is the time. This is the time to yell not only to Governments and their representatives but also to large corporations that run the world. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Jupiter in Gemini will help with thies since words will go further. Jupiter encourages us to risk, to live more in harmony with our ideals and to fight for them. Jupiter or Zeus, in Greek mythology, though the absolute God, has no power over, for example, Hades, Lord of the Underworld, or the Great Below. But he can act as a diplomat would, and be the link between, so that things can be resolved. Jupiter in Gemini Invites us to dialogue and philosophize. Adds a ray of light in the darkness so that we can see more clearly. If you have something to say, say it now, if you have something to publish, do it now, if you have to re-connect with your brothers or sisters, do it now.

This is also a good time to start some kind of short course

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that will enrich your intellect, to live a richer and wiser life.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to a have a look at how we use our language, what we say and how we say it. How is as important as what we say. Words are important, both when it comes to finding a job and submit an application and when we are trying to communicate feelings.

The Sun is in square to the Moon, when Jupiter enters Gemini, and we must understand that often, what we want is not what we need and visceversa. These internal dilemmas that often make us sick remind us that we must achieve a better communication between our mind and our body. Jupiter, is also in square to Neptune and Quirón in PISCES, and in conjunction to Ceres. The issue of the hunger in the world and the contamination of what we eat, will undoubtedly be an issue to bring to consciousness even more, in the next 12 months. We must all be part of this time of so many changes and leave the comfortable position of: “but what can I do I…?, How can I make a difference?” We can all do something.

Pluto exactly opposed to Mercury, Gemini ruler, therefore we’ll continue to unmask those in power. But we must also question our own beliefs. Are they

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really our own or are those of the culture in which we were born? Do we say what we think or what we were told by our father and our mother? do we know what we say or we just repeat what we’ve heard others say?

Those who turn 12 years old this year, are experiencing the first Jupiter return with the immensity of what that means. Twelve are the beginning of a lot of things, biologically, the girl has her first period and stops being a child, the boy also ceases to be a child to become a young adult. We entered high school, normally, in most cultures and our life at school also changes. Those who turn 24, will undergo their second return of Jupiter and now is the time to leave the family nest if you’ve not done so already and embarking on the adventure to discover new cultures. At 36, the third return, and with it, the beginning of the awareness that perhaps our ideas are a bit starched and we must expand our horizons once more. Many people divorce, or decides to leave work that oppresses them and sit down to write a novel or to travel. To 48, the fourth return of this planet and the life is now much more serious and the need to make concrete our ideals and our way of life become something of the utmost importance. When Jupiter returns to its birthplace in our chart, it offer us one more opportunity to have a look at our ideals and express ourselves from the depths of our beliefs.

Jupiter in Gemini will bring much joy to Gemini Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Perhaps these last two should pay attention to jupiterian excess, as the excessive optimism. Jupiter has the ability to make us feel very optimistic ,but often lose track of reality. Never forget that Jupiter also rules Pisces.

The most positive trait of Jupiter in Gemini will be the increased curiosity, we’ll no longer accept what other people’s discurs, we will want to investigate and find other answers. The need to communicate what we have within us will be ever so powerful. The

Commerce will see an improvement and it is even possible that the stock market will have a brief good time. The danger: the over optimism of the “traders” that can cause further declines in banks. The lack of regulation of these issues, a matter for attention.

Libra and Aquarius will also benefit from this transit of Jupiter in Gemini and finally will be easier to get what one want – or need. Suddenly people next to them will collaborate more.Look at what House in your birthchart, Gemini falls and you will see where your desires to improve that part of your life, will manifest. Jupiter encourages us to fix things, to improve them, to free us from topics that we are already bored with.It Enlightens us with new ideas and optimism, so that we may do things that we normally wouldn’t. No matter the age you are, you can study something that will enrich your life and and expand your horizons. Read more, investigate more, don’t just repeat what you hear from others. Find out on your own and draw your own conclusions. Make contact with people, Júpiter will bring us in touch with people from different cultures so that we can change and enrich our vision and our values. There is always another point of view and ours is not necessarily the correct one.Learn another language, travels through your own region and visit a new place as often as you can. Open doors.

Jupiter, is neither a personal planet nor a collective one, in my view. It is the bridge between the personal and the collective and in the sign of Gemini, the opportunity to cross it.



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Here comes the New Moon in Gemini and the Annular Eclipse of the Sun of this year, the Total Eclipse will be on November 13 in the sign of Scorpio. Here is the chart of the area where it will be best seen across the Pacific Ocean.

The solar eclipse is an extra powerful new moon, when for the period of time that the eclipse lasts, the Moon blocks the Sun’s energy for us on Earth. These electromagnetic, ultra-violet, infra-red waves, etc given out by the Sun, are blocked by the moon. We remember that the New Moon means the beginning of something, of a project, a friendship, a job, a situation that arises from something that ends. What starts with this new moon will culminate at the full moon of June 4th, which will be a partial eclipse of the Moon.When there is an eclipse, whatever is happening at the time of the new moon, seems to have black clouds hovering over it, that make us fear the outcome. This eclipse ccurs in the 0 degree of Gemini, the sign of the twins, the sign of duality, the sign that learns its lessons through to finding a sense of self, again and again, by dealing with the opposite, with its inner twin, with the other side of himself.

We already know that eclipses are formed when the lunación (full or new moon) occurs few degrees of the Lunar nodes. In this case the Sun and the Moon are next to the South or descending node and form a square to Neptune in Pisces and suddenly mysticism flows, and even those who do not believe in anything mystical, will secretly wonder: “What if?”When academic knowledge fails us, we trust our intuition.

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Science is always going behind the intuition. Even scientists before making their equations have an intuitive vision, which leads them to investigate. We know much more instinctively than academically, albeit sometimes difficult to formulate this ancestral knowledge. These are the moments where other types of intelligence take dominance, when we realize that academic intelligence is only one part of our brain and that there is much more wisdom within us or neurones conexions than we can understand.

In this new moon, the Sun and the Moon makes a conjunction to the Pleiades (seven sisters or seven mothers of the world), that are about 28 degrees Taurus. This star formation known to many ancient cultures and that have enriched the mythology of many of them and many temples seem to be aligned towards them, as the pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon, and others, invite us to meditate on our connection with other worlds. Throughout history, many people have believed to “come or descend” from the Pleiadians, the inhabitants of the Pleiades. Meediums like Barbara Marciniak, say they receive messages of these beings, which speak to us of our origins in other universes. Preston B Nichols, has written about his experience in the Pleiades after having been taken there and having been “instructed” in concepts that our world is far from understanding, according to him. I want to clarify at this point, that I have no knowledge of any of this claims, and I am merely inviting you to meditate on the possibility of realities beyond our perception, which we all know is so limited. Unfortunately, we only have a vision more than limited from where we are and it is impossible to understand the universe intellectually, so we often have to rely on intuition to understand truths beyond our physical perception and our scientific understanding, by our space limitation.

Mercury and Jupiter are part of this lineup at the last degrees of Taurus, and if we follow the meaning of these two planets we connect with the possibility of expanding our minds beyond the known horizons, because that is what Júpiter does. He invites us to leave the “neighborhood”, to venture beyond our culture and this is why in the first Jupiter return at 12 years old and the second return of this planet aged 24, many of us venture to other countries, other cultures, that will help us in the process of des – identifying ourselves of our own culture, in order to become individuals and cease to be the cultural puppets that we are. In fact in each return of Jupiter we move one way or another and enrich our perception beyond our cultural, religious, familiar limits.

Venus in its retrograde motion, which begins the 16th, 4 days before the eclipse, continues in trine to Saturn, and old issues in our relations have the opportunity of resolution. It is possible to recall old stories of love and wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t given up so easily and worked harder at them, rather than breaking them. Realizing that it was not the relationship, but our own need to escape from the boredom of ourselves. At the end of the day, we always ended up learning, that it was not the other’s fault, not even the relationship’s fault, but instead we were bored with ourselves. Often, the fear to recognize, that we are humans and not gods is difficult to bear.