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For this sign, the 3rd and 4th are affected for this Retrograde of Mercury, during June, therefore the relationship with siblings and deep family issues can suddenly affect you more than ever before, forcing you to RE-view your relationships and wounds of the past.The relationship with neighbors is also affected, it could be that any pending issue with them must be solved. The primary studies and your mind in general seems to be stimulated and forced to RE-evaluate various topics. If you write and have blogs, expect some kind of interruption in them. None of this is negative, a simple stop to look at things more calmly and to seek solutions. Search in the depths of your minds, although painful at times, is always necessary and purgative.
For this sign, the topic of this retrograde may be financial in appearance, but if you look inside yourselves, you will see that it has more to do with your system of values than with money.What price you give to your talent, your dedication, your training. How do you price your work and if you value what you have to offer, is certainly the subject of the next few weeks.Of course that you can begin the process, with some kind of delays in payments, postponed jobs. You will have to consider if your work gives you pleasure or is only an obligation and what you have to do to include more pleasure in what you do.Take more care of your body and your environment and assesses whether it is beautiful enough to feel good in your own skin.
For this sign this retrograde is tremendously shocking because Mercury is its ruling planet. Communication is vital, since without it, Gemini cannot function in life. Any delay in them, means a world full of anxiety and sometimes the lesson of this cycle for you is the fact that there are moments that one should cut a little excessive communication and contact the depths of one’s being. Talking less and more meditation, is a good formula for this month. Pay attention to what is said and above all, check if those around you are a positive or a negative influence. Check out how many negative words come out of your mouth in one day and try to change it to the positive. If you have something to sign and you can not postpone it until July, then you are going to have to find time to read all the small writing.
There are times in life when new projects are to be expected or at least need to be studied with more patience, more consideration etc. This is one of those moments. Depending on the work you do, this will be more or less notable. Something in you, pushes you to look into the past and think about why you do what you do, and if that is what you have come here to this life to do. Sometimes it is a matter of aiming in the right direction. The issue of whether we have achieved our longings and our expectations, is a vital point of this cycle. AM I what believe to be or do I always hope for more. A good look at the root of our own expectations is a good medicine for this month. RE-flect on what is important for you and check if the unrealized expectations are your or others´ (your family, father, mother)expectations of you. Many changes are taking place and it is important for the beginning of this new cycle, to keep your feet on the ground and open your consciousness to your own talents and abilities. These are very creative moments, believe in yourself and let it flow. You will be surprised.
Relationships with friends, groups and the community is an important issue for your sign in this retrograde. It always is but now even more so. Disappointment with a group or friends, misunderstandings, are all possible. If you have outstanding financial issues this is a good time to sit down and analyze the situation, look carefully at the best possibilities and try to find the solution. Do not forget that the way that we relate to the others is influenced by what we experienced within our family and ancestors. Many issues are passed on from generations to generation and it takes time to understand all this. So this is a good moment to reflect on these issues so that you can understand that many of the situations you have going on with people, are your own doing, and then the question would be: what for?. If you can answer this, half the work is done. Is rarely the others, mostly ourselves. Time to withdraw from situations that make you feel imprisoned and prevent you from progressing.
Your sign is also ruled by Mercury, so this retrograde that begins in Cancer and in the House of friends, seems to dip back into the House 10, of our profession and social image. If you’ve been working in a group that has stopped helping you grow, maybe is time to meditate about it and clean the garage of not-much-needed people and things in your life.If you’ve been working alone, is perhaps the moment to realize that you can’t do it all alone, and that while “not perfect”, that there are many people that you might help you do a better job and perhaps benefit from the knowledge and talents of others. This is also a good time to RE-consider if you are in the profession suitable for your soul’s needs or not. If the work you do and the hours you spend doing it, do not fulfill or express your soul, you can always open other doors. The search for the balance between what gives you a good reputation and what your you need to do to grow as a human being, it is the issue of this month. The delays you may experience could perhaps help you re-evaluate your professional life.
All the delays and misunderstanding you may be experiencing now, words wrongly spoken or not said, that are disrupting your profession, may be the cause of a too rigid state of mind; you may be in real need to let new ideas in and new points of view enrich your path.
This Mercury retrograde, is perhaps inviting you to Re-consider how you do your work and what is that you’re missing, to feel 100% in your profession. You may need more training, more knowledge, or simply to open your mind to new possibilities to take full advantage of it. If you have outstanding legal issues it will be necessary to take the time to find the best solution, to put an end to problems. One of the most positive aspects of this cycle is that it forces us to RE-think and look at the situation in a deeper and more honest way, to be able to stop being a victim of the events and become Master of your own life.
Nothing happens unless you allow it to, consciously or unconsciously. Do not seek the opinion of others, and strives to make your own decisions. Let yourself be advised by people you really trust.
This retrograde of Mercury affects the House 8 of the chart which is your exclusive territory. Sexuality, the occult, other people’s money: mortgages, inheritance, dole money, debts, credit cards, etc. This month, is possible to encounter debts that didn’t remember you had, such as traffic fines, for example. If you’re waiting for the answer to a mortgage, is possible that you experience delays or at least that you have to sit and read a lot of fine print, which you should do, before you sign anything. With the obstacle comes also the solution, so pay attention to what is happening this week particularly, since perhaps in the delays the formula required to solve them is hidden. Trust yourself and your inner wisdom and try to be honest with yourself. This could help you find the key to open those parts of you that know more than you think you do.
This retrograde Mercury brings certain conflicts between the emotions and the deepest part of your feelings. Couple issues will force you to RE-consider about your daily life and the sacrifices you feel you do daily. Your innate desire for freedom and adventure, are often difficult to reconcile with the needs of a stable relationship. There are many ways to be free within a marriage and that’s what you have to achieve. No matter the amount of time that you dedicate to your partner and work in your life, at least an hour a day must be for you only. To do what you like, your hobby, your sport, whatever it is. The events this week especially and most of this month will make it clear to you what are your priorities and what needs to change in order to be happier. Financial issues between the couple, is another of the outstanding issues, so be careful with what you say, sometimes your incredible frankness is too much for others. Mind your words.
This RE-trograde of Mercury affects your opposite sign of Cancer, and returns to Gemini, your area of the chart that describes your health and your daily work. One of the possibilities is that some health issue prevents you from performing your normal daily tasks, but also perhaps a good look at your daily schedule is necessary, for you to RE-consider if you’re doing too much or if you can handle the stress of work in a healthy way. There are moments when you have to stop or just go slower. This is one of those times, when the circumstances seem to force us to take things more calmly. You might have a project delayed or customers postponing meetings, but it all seems to suggest that you need to take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing. If you have more than one job, perhaps you should focus your energy in the one you most enjoy doing.
This retrograde Mercury begins in the area of your chart that has to do with your health and your job and returns to the House 5 which speaks of the children, romance and how we have fun. It also has to do with our creativity and the way we express ourselves truly. The question here is if your daily work allows you to express your creativity and if you enjoy doing it. If your health deteriorates, this is the moment to pause. RE-flect on how much free time you have to do what you love. Even if you are lucky enough that your work is what you most love to do, one must make time to have fun, relax and recover romance with your partner if you have it, and if you don’t have it, open yourself to the possibility of having it. If you work with your partner, then ideally find the time to have fun together also. The difficulties that may arise with the children, will show you where you are doing too much and where you should put more limits. Some of your children may go away for a while, leaving you with more time for yourself.
This retrograde affects the area of the your chart that links the romance and creativity, with the home. The question and the possibilities here are to RE-think and meditate on the place if you are where you really want to be. Is this the ideal place for you?; Do you relate with your surroundings and others?Does the place where you live reflect your own idiosyncrasy?. Is this the place you call home? Some circumstances may force you to Re-pair the place where you live, Re-decorate, or simply Re-flect if this is where you want to be. If you have children, it is possible that any situation with them will force you to stay more at home, if you don’t have them, you may suddenly realize the need for romance in your life. It will also confront you with the need to create or rather express yourself creatively. These are some of the issues that this retrograde of Mercury will confront you with at this point in your life. If you write, you can perhaps experience what is commonly called writer’s block. This could be when you realize that a house is not a home. Home is a place within our heart.

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Minority woman with her children fighting in the backgroundToday Mercury in its  retrograde face that began on Feb. 6 at 3 ° PISCES 18′, dips back into the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we have to keep our minds open and with a view to the Universal Future.
We are also two days away from the full moon in Leo  which peaks on the 14th  at 26 ° Leo-Aquarius 13′. All full moons concludes, or bring closure to situations initiated in the previous new moon which in this case was on January 30 at 10º Aquarius 55′. The power of this Full  Moon and its effect on us will be intimately related to the tension in the situations at hand. Since all this is happening  in ‘coincidence’ with a retrograde motion of Mercury, which is part of this lunation, being in conjunction to the Sun, and in direct opposition to the Moon, themes of communication, both verbal and written, are illuminated. To complete the picture, Saturn from Scorpio forms what we call a T-square to this lunation making a square to the Sol-Mercury conjunction  and to the Moon.  The singing, renewal, extension, of contracts are issues to consider, as it is the RE-structure of both verbal and written agreements, and the way we  express ourselves both professionally and with family and loved ones.
 These aspects, coincide with situations that seem definitely to twist of Fate, since they appear to be out of our control, but even so, they force us to RE-condider a situation that has been born from something we have said, signed, written and its consequences. A reminder of the word Karma, so abused today, normally referring to actions of “other lives”, but in its true meaning as it is the confrontation with the result of decisions we have taken in THIS life. Of course,  I am not talking only about painful outcomes, but in any case things that  we must RE-vise, RE-consider, RE-think.
Neptune is also part of this Lunation since is  close enough to Mercury and the Sun and therefore in opposition to the Moon, which reminds us the possibilities of any deception, in the sense of not having paid attention to all the details. If you are signing something, these days, is very important that read all the “fine print” of what is being  signed, which might  then turn or be used against us. Meetings of communities to discuss relevant issues are also very possible.
Mars from Libra and about to station retrograde on March 1st, is n an exact Trine to the Sun and almost exact to Mercury and in an exact Sextile to the Moon, therefore the momentum to reach an agreement is powerful and in this case we must also sit and read “the fine print” carefully. The power of the Martian energy are difficult to control and more than one of us, will lose control these days and say things we’ll regret later. Measure your words and think. Fortunately Jupiter from Cancer forms a trine to Neptune and Chiron, which might make even more difficult to control impulses,  it also enhances the ability to forgive, to reflect and to correct, intensifying the compassion and the ability to see the other’s point of view.
The sign of Aquarius, very relevant in this Lunation, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, inspires us to look towards a future of equality, collaboration, freedom, community, beyond boundaries of nationality, culture and religion. It confronts us with the fact that before having a nationality or cultural conditioning, we have Life, and Humanity. We are born of another human being, and we must learn to survive, learning to eat, Digest, breathe, evacuate, express ourselves, walk, defend ourselves, ask for food when we need it, or ask for a touch when we are hot or cold, smiling, crying, playing, etc. All these human processes that everyone must learn to manage, before having a nationality or a culture or language. Our origin is the same in all cultures, nationalities and religions. We are born from the encounter of two humans in a sexual act, which may or may not be full of love. Even so, almost all of us are born of an act of Love and Necessity.
Open your mind and think about what you think, say, or sign.
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AC-1012Much has been written and is written on the retrograde motion of this small planet that takes 88 days to go around the Sun. Therefore in one year, goes around it about 4 times.
We already know that the retrograde motion that occurs about 3 or 4 times a year (this year 3 times), does not mean that Mercury actually recoils, but instead it is an optical illusion, seen from Earth, every time Mercury passes parallel to our planet. Since it moves faster than us around the the Sun, it gives the impression of retreating, in degrees, for about 3 weeks. Something like when we are going on a train parallel to another on a different track, and as we pass it, it gives us the impression that the other goes back. As a result of many years of research each time that this phenomenon occurs, we already know that a series of events, which mostly have to do with Communications, Commerce, legal proceedings, paper work, the functioning of all our communication devices, like computers, mobile phones, etc, are affected, and unfortunately at times (and also fortunately, depending on how you look at it), in a negative and even comic way. A process of angularity as with everything in Astrology. As we commonly say: “Everything depends from what angle you are looking”
This year its shadow period has started around on January 22 at about 18 ° Aquarius and it will station retrograde on February 6 at 3°PISCES 19′.It re-enters Aquarius on February 13 until March 1 when it stations direct once again, at 18º of Aquarius to re-enter PISCES on February 17.
If you have planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or PISCES) or at the end of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), around these degrees you can have fun, paying attention to what happens from now on. The retrograde Mercury, often drive us to RE-consider, RE-envision, RE-study, RE-think, RE-flex, RE-direct, Re-view, etc., any situation that we have in our hands and need our full attention. For example, if it contacts your planets in house II, or their Rulers, you might have to check up your Bank statements in search of some payments that you have made by mistake or that you haven’t done and still must do. If it aspects planets in or transits the House III, you might have to rethink your relationship with your siblings, or a neighbor, or some courses you must do or postpone some trips you’ve planned in advance. But of course, remember that it is not always negative, since it is also possible that you find a better solution for the situation, or someone from the past appears to give you a better idea.
Many times computers malfunctions, internet is slow, mobile phones are lost, you may lose all your contacts and it is interesting to analyze, whether any of these things coincide with moments in our lives, when we need to disconnect. Free ourselves of excess of communication to be able to analyze a situation more cautiously.
This time Mercury stations retrograde at 21 43 hrs GMT, and Barcelona and Central Europe at 22 43 hrs. The moon will be in Taurus, in its last quarter, thus forming a square to the Sun in Aquarius and completing the T-square is Saturn in Scorpio. Emotional issues with people in authority or those we have put in that position, are possible. Great opportunity for RE-vising these emotional issues that we carry from our childhood, in respect to our feelings towards our parents. The Sun in Aquarius inspires us to individuate, finally “cut the bond that unites us with those images of father we have from childhood”.In the Greek Myth of Cronos and Uranus when Saturn (Cronos)encouraged by his mother, cuts Urano’s testicles, who is actually his father and the God of Heaven, we understand that it is an act of absolute creativity and liberation from the paternal voice and power, and the result of it was, the birth of Venus, or of our true creativity and self-esteem, which as the myth indicates is only possible when we get divorced from the importance we give to the internal parental voice.
Mercury is just a degree away from Neptune, and opposed Pallas, in the Chart of the time when Mercury actually stations retrograde in PISCES, therefore pay attention to the dreams you have at the moment, as they can be very revealing of our inner truth and can guide us

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on the path to follow. Venus, next to Pluto in Capricorn, continue in the cardinal T-square, opposing Jupiter and forming a square to Uranus in Aries. Mars has come out of the equation for a little while, but in April, returns with force in retrograde motion, which begins on March 1, the day that Mercury stations direct. This T-cuadrante has filled my consultation of people with more anxiety than ever, physical ailments previously not experienced and without specific explanation. uch concern and much insomnia and is the T-square invite us to immediate action, especially since it includes Uranus n Aries and Jupiter in Cancer, both in Cardinal signs, it is like a double whammy of an impulse to change and take decision and if we’re not prepared for this action, we feel a disappointment and an internal conflict, expressing itself in disease, physical discomfort and anxiety-
Use this period to re-energize your plans, your projects, accept your limitations, to avoid disillusionment and emotional self-sabotage. Mars together with Vesta in Libra form a trine to Mercury at the time of its station, therefore it is necessary to analyze things more from mental stand point than from the emotional, in order to maintain the focus on what we are doing and a clear view in our capabilities. These are the ideal time to take things easy, learn to wait for the right time or Kairos, and that it must come from the depths of the soul, because only the souls knows how to recognize it.
The best way to combat anxiety is to have more physical activity and …. if you dance, then…. dance and dance and dance! and take care of your soul, love yourself even when you don’t.
Don’t forget that on my website:http://www.astrologiaarquetipica.com/private-readings/, you can buy a private consultation to find out how all of this affects you personally.

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On the 19th of this month, Saturn stations retrograde at 11th Scorpio 32′, until July 8th, when it stations direct at 4 ° Scorpio 49′. This is the only retrograde  of Saturn this year.
Mercury, on the other hand, turns retrograde 3 times a year and each retrograde motion lasts for about 3 and a half weeks. The 23rd of this month, makes its first retrograde cycle of this year. The second will be on June 26, until July 20 and the third and last, will be October 21 through November 10.
Mercury (which really means or derives from the word merchant), the Messenger of the gods or Hermes, for the Greeks, as well as being responsible for carrying the souls to the Underworld, to Pluto, was the one to be believed to have written the history of the gods.This little planet, almost about to be swallowed by the Sun, governs the affairs of the  3rd house of the birth chart: communication, the internet,  everything that we use to communicate, phones, writing, poetry, the left side of our brain, our ability to reason and understand. Mercury has been in pre “shadow” face  from February 8, which marks the beginning of this retrograde motion about to start,which will last until March 18. Its after shadow face, after stationing direct will last until April 6. Mercury makes this retrograde in the sign of PISCES, surrounded by a stellium of planets is the sign of the fishes that swim in different directions, with Neptune, the Sun, Chiron, and Mars which is in conjunction to Mercury, aspect that will be exact the 25-26, just in time for the Full Moon.
These two very different retrograde motions of Saturn and Mercury, have something in common, and if you look at the area of your birth chart, where  these retrogrades occur, you’ll find issues that need your REvision, Re-consideration or even complete Re-novacion. Sometimes a RE-paration is not enough, there are situations that must be RE – built, RE – invented, to obtain the desired results. The retrograde of Saturn has to do with Scorpio and the House 8, in addition to the personal theme, depending on what House of our birth chart is affected, or is the actual territory  of this RE-verse motion of Saturn. As I have said many times before, the issues of  the 8th House, as well as sexuality, transformation and death, which are more abstract concepts, are also our debts, our dependence on other people’s money, mortgages, inheritance, unemployment, credit cards, pensions, etc. As for Mercury, this very important and first retrograde of the year, takes place in the sign of Pisces and therefore the archetype and territory of the 12th House . What is that which we believe separates us from the rest? What does it really mean “secret enemies”?. As the second House , represent the possessions of the representative of the  1st house, in the same fashion the 1st House,  is the possessions of the representative of the House 12, and who is represented in this House? What really possess us? Our ancestors, our culture, our connection with everything that existed before us, where we come from and what we trying of “RE-pair”. What is that which possess us without us even being aware of? Our beliefs, our mentality colored by the culture that grew up in, everything that we do because “It has always been done that way…”, everything we do without  even asking ourselves if we really agree with it. What are those voices that we unconsciously listen to  even when we sleep and condition every decision we make?
These two retrogrades, by two very different planets, that occur almost at the same time,  mark a territory of our psyche, a situation we must RE-evaluate, to see if we are being, who we really are, or a simple expression of family and cultural conditioning. And while with the retrograde Mercury, we can expect losses of mobiles, hard drives, important information (format all important info), that email, which we should reply to and can’t find, etc, etc. Yet  the most important thing is what we must find within ourselves, to be able to strengthen our consciousness and our inner wisdom.
On 25 February  we have the full moon  in Virgo at about 7 ° 24′, since the Sun has already entered PISCES from the 19th. Venus enters PISCES, a few hours later.
This Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter at  7º  Gemini 28′. The Sun is in trine to Saturn and the Moon, of course,  in Sextile. The Moon also forms a trine to Pluto. These are very interesting times for the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and also for Virgo. A more philosophical view of the current situation is possible, with an ability to REflect on current situations. An intense desire to RE-consider invades us and we understand that although we sometimes are in the hands of these powerful energies, (as in the case of Oscar Pistorius), we must do what we can to FORGIVE, and above all BE THANKFUL for what we have. Piscean energy often leads to victimization, therefore consciousness of our responsibility in the development of our Fate, is vital at the moment. The end of the reign of this Pope, is an incredible representation of a Full Moon in the Pisces-Virgo angle, now that Neptune is in Pisces for the first time in our lives. Fist Pope to REsign, sounds like a contradiction in terms, (RE-SIGN and yet he’s leaving), in the past 600 years or so.
So, what is coming to an end in your life, what is that you need to RE-vise, to RE-pair, to RE-structure?
Although things do slow down in retrogrades, be sure to get the best our of the indications of the Cosmos, and REvitalize your life. RE-engage with it!
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Much has been written about the retrograde motion of this small planet that it takes about88 days to go around the Sun. Therefore in one year it makes about 4 rounds to our star.
We already know that this retrograde motion that occurs about 3 or 4 times a year, does not mean that Mercury actually recoils, but that it is an optical illusion, we see from the Earth, each time that Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth and as a result of its faster motion around the Sun, than that of the Earth, which gives the impression of retreat, in degrees, for about 3 weeks. Since every time this happens, we pay attention to the events taking place in our lives and of those around us, we already know that a series of situations, that really have to do with communications, trade, proceedings of papers, etc, are affected, very often in a negative and also comical way each time that this phenomenon occurs.
Now we have another opportunity to see what will happens when Mercury turns retrograde, since on November 6th, it stations retrograde at about 4 degrees of Sagittarius. If you want to research on the events taking place during a Mercury retrograde, have a look in your chart what is being connected by this sign and degree, where Mercury stations retrograde . If you have planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or PISCES)aroundthese grades you can pay attention to what is happening now. Same goes for Aries and Leo. This cosmic event, often prompt us to RE-consider, RE-envision, RE-study, RE-think, a situation we have in our hands and requires our full attention. For example, if it contacts your planets in the second house, or its ruler, you might have to check your Bank statements, in search of some payments you have made in the past. If it aspects planets or in your third house, you might have to rethink your relationship with your sisters and brothers, or a neighbor, studies or postpone any travel or public speech. But of course, it is not always negative, since it is also possible that by RE- thinking the situation, you find a better solution or someone from the past appears to give you a better idea.
Often computers, mobile phones are lost or stop working and it is interesting to analyze, if it matches moments in our lives, when we need to disconnect. It may push us to analyze a situation more cautiously.
Whatever the story, what is true, is that only when Mercury finally resumes its direct motion, which will happen in this case, on November 26th, we’ll know what was the message of this retrograde of November.
On the 14th, Mercury RE-enters Scorpio and reverses to the 18º of this sign and it will not return to 4º of Sagittarius, where it first stationed retrograde, until December 14th, therefore we may have to wait until then to see this period truly over.
Sagittarius, represents our need for expansion to another mentality, to other lands, cultures, therefore has to do with long-distance travel, our contact with foreigners, or teachers who come from other abroad. Whereas, Scorpio, turns to the themes of shared finances, our debts, our most intimate relationships, our sexuality, our confrontation with death.
This retrograde also coincides with the United States’ elections, and the political campaign that has been slowed down by the disasters caused by Hurricane Sandy, that certainly favoured Obama, in this race to return to the Government of this huge country for another 4 years. Certainly for victims of this terrible storms, not only in the USA but also in the rest of the countries, affected by this natural disasters that coincided with this powerful full moon of October 29, it may mean a delay in the expected assistance. Let us hope not.
Do not forget to comment in this space on your adventures of this Mercury retrograde, so we can all benefit from it.
Good luck and happy Mercury retrograde!

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This is one of those occasions when Astrology comes alive with the force!! As we are experiencing the New Moon in Sagittarius on the doorsteps of Mercury stationing retrograde, another huge Air Space paralyzation send air-travel into a mayhem.

Just in case we had any doubts that Mercury rules traveling and communication, here we have the undeniable proof. In the second retrograde of this year we had the Ash Cloud which stopped air-travel all over Europe. This week end we are in the last New Moon of the Year, and the last Mercury Retrograde of the year. (You should read my other articles on this subject earlier in this blog).

The Moon encounters the Sun at 13º Sagittarius 28′, on December 5th at 5.35 pm , GMT.  There are not major aspect to the Lunation itself, except for Pholus conjunction and the alinement with the Great Attractor, at 14ºSag, this point of extreme electromagnetic attraction where many galaxies seem to be heading towards. Although we don’t understand fully what the Great Attractor is, it is a point in the Universe to keep track of. Pholus, which we have seen in other articles about Sagittarius is one the Centaurs which represent the Sagittarian spirit in its search for truth and in defense of what is right. But Pholus had a particular mission in his life, which was to guard the wine from the Centaurs to avoid the madness that ensued whenever they got drunk.

Sagittarius is the sign that brings our attention and consciousness toward everything that exist beyond our neighborhood. Beyond the space where we spend our daily life, beyond the limits of our country, our mind,  well into other cultures, other realms. Expands our physical and mental horizons so that we may learn about ourselves through the encounter with others, with the different. Sagittarius never stops in its search for the truth, where ever this journey may take him. It’s the traveller, the investigator, the adventurer, the philosopher, the teacher. To arrive is never the purpose of Sagittarius, but the journey is. Sagittarius represents the side of religion which has to do with our faith, in the sense that takes us beyond borders into uncharted territories.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, and absolute King of the Gods in Roman and Greek Mythology (Zeus), makes an interesting contact to Juno and Pallas, two of the  asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. These two represent two aspects of the feminine, in apparent war with one another. Juno or Hera is the wife of Zeus and Pallas Athena is the daughter. The latter was born of her father’s head without a mother. Juno is the symbol of the “wife” and the power that this position grants her as head of the family, and Pallas represents the intellectual woman, single mother who does not marry and does not belong to any men. Two aspects of the feminine that we women seem to have difficulty in integrating in our lives harmoniously. Although, more and more, wives seem to be keeping their independence and careers in spite of being married. How to integrate these two aspects of our psyche and by no means an exclusive territory of women, could be one of the challenges of this New Moon in Sagittarius. Just today I saw in CNN the new of a christian woman in Pakistan, who has been condemn to hang for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed. Can you believe it? Still, that’s where we are.

Just after the New Moon on December 6th, Uranus stations direct, making its way forward once again, on its way to the meeting with Jupiter for the last time in the sign of Pisces. This aspect reminds me of Bob Marley, when he used to sing: ” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”… And what a great opportunity for it this is!. Time to say good bye to ideologies and beliefs that chain us to live life as if we were separate entities, instead of being part of the human race. Look what that kind of mentality has taken us to. To keep killing each other in the name of God. But it also reminds me of Stephen Hawking’s latest book ” The grand Design” when he says, there is no need of a god like figure to figure out how something can sprout from nothing, and form what we call the World. What a great book!

Uranus has been in retrograde motion since July 5th, and we should feel this motion forward inside of us as an impulse to free ourselves of mental patterns, created by our insecurities and doubts,  that sabotage our progress and our development. The message: “Go for it!!!” Dare to do what your heart is asking you to do!. Creative freedom is essential to Uranus, and specially in Pisces, and even more so in aspect to Jupiter. Dare to move away from known territories and into the unknown.

As Mercury approaches is station retrograde on the 10th, but well into its shadow zone, air travel is sent into chaos again due to bad weather in Europe and to a strike in Spain, just as it happened in the February retrograde when the Ash Cloud from a volcano in Iceland, stopped all flights for weeks. Each retrograde last about 3 weeks, let’s see how this one develops. One thing is for sure and that is that we now know, that every time that Mercury goes retrograde we encounter these kind of situations. Mercury stations retrograde at 5º Capricorn and will dip back into Sagittarius between the 18th and January 12th. It will station direct at 19º of Sag on December 30th, just for the New Year and it will return to 5º Cap on January 17th. In its retrograde it will contact Mars and Pluto on Dec 13th-14th, and perhaps is this triple conjunction that marks the spirit of this retrograde when the need to revise our commitments, especially our written ones in the form of signed contracts, insurances, will have to be renovated or simply changed! Pay attention at the events around this time and you’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be changed or renovated in your life.

Keep your mind and your heart open and dare to expand your horizons even if your flight is delayed.

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On August 20th at around 8pm UT, Mercury will station retrograde once again. Last time it did that was on April 18th when the Ash Cloud emerging from a volcano in Iceland sent the travel industry, airports and many of us trying to take a flight, into turmoil.

In fact this year, started with a retrograde of Mercury, from December 26th, 2009, till January 15th, which coincided with 2 eclipses and the earthquake in Haiti, towards the end of the cycle.

Ok, ok, no need to writhe

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in your seat, let’s put some perspective, there are 3, sometimes 4 retrogrades of Mercury a year, so not all of them are so devastating. Still, we know by now, that it will send all communications into a slow motion mode, may I say, often necessary.

These year they are happening in Earth signs, first one was in Capricorn, second in Taurus, and now in Virgo.

It will station retrograde at about 19º, on the 20th, yet its shadow face has already started on August 1st, around 5º. It will station direct on September 12th-13th, but it will not arrive to 19º of Virgo until around the 27th.

All of us with planets in Mutable signs between 5º-19º will feel its effect quite strongly. And this does not mean, in a negative fashion, but the delays that may happen, will induce us to sit down, take a break and re-study whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Being Virgo the recipient of this Cosmic event, the subject of health and our work become pivotal.

We may experience it ourselves or “via” our children, spouses, grandchildren, parents.

Virgo and the 6th house are the experience of illness as a tool for self-knowledge. What does the symptom say to us?, What is our body trying to express through the imbalance or dis-ease?

A proper check up might not be a bad idea, if you are worry about anything.

Curiously, just last week someone gave me Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection, which talks about Re-Connective Healing.

It was easy to read and although he does not provide any answers or pretends to turn us all into healers, (well, he does a bit) some of the things he says are true, especially when it comes to Traditional Medicine and this Prescription Pills society of ours.

The issue of how Healing works is a true Virgo issue. Although none us are saying that you should not go to see your doctor if you feel you must, or take an aspirin if you have a headache, the fact remains that we disempower ourselves when we automatically think that we cannot heal ourselves. In many cases we can.

On the other hand, when someone is ill and takes the inner decision to pass, there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Each of us have our own Time on this planet and we, and only we (albeit, unconsciously), know when the time has come.

Admittedly, all of this remains a great mystery, but as we understand more and more our own destiny, all of it, becomes clearer and clearer.

I do believe we can heal ourselves and others, by the way. I know so.

Somebody said: “Everything that happens to us is the best thing that can happen to us”. I do agree, yet, it’s difficult to think this way when there are 14 million people displaced in Pakistan, because of the floods.

Few other aspects happen at the same time that Mercury enters in its retrograde motion. For one thing, the Moon in Capricorn activates the T-Square and so just fresh from making a conjunction to Pluto, comes to square (90º) Venus and Mars in Libra which happen to be in exact conjunction at 13º Libra 38′. Also, SATURN MAKES ITS LAST SQUARE OF THIS CYCLE TO PLUTO. Wow! It hasn’t been an easy one!

Everything seems to guide us to TAKE A BREAK, even if the break simply means to turn our antennas off to the outside world, to concentrate on the INSIDE. Time to re-consider and re-analyze a relationship we might be involved in. Being a parent-child, teacher-student, spouses, lovers, etc. Whoever is pressing your buttons right now, that’s the ONE.

Since Mercury is transiting Virgo, the question could be: Is this relationship healthy for us? What happens to my inner power and my mental health? Truth is, there aren’t unhealthy relationships even if they look like that.

Whatever induces us to question ourselves isn’t unhealthy, yet, if we begin to sound like a scratched record, then we should really question, where is this relationship taking you to. What is that that we are not learning? Which part of us benefits from it, even if looks as we are only suffering with it?

At the

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point of Retrograde 19º Virgo, Mercury also links with Ceres. one of the archetypes of the Great Mother. Persefone’s mother- So many mother-child, lover-younger person relationships are being moved.

If you are experiencing these archetypes in your life right now, then this Retrograde might be what you really need.

Time to re-think, to reflect on what you are feeling and what the other person’s needs might be. So many of us find in this type of relationships a way to look after and nourish our inner child.

The Sun (in Leo), opposes Neptune and Chiron, at the last degrees of Aquarius, a wonderful opportunity to lay a bridge between our longings and fantasies and the reality of ourselves.

Often very frustrating, the Mercury Retrograde periods which coincide with mobiles not working, people not answering the phone when you most need them, the Internet going crazy, Hotmail and Facebook changing their settings might send many of us into real turmoil, etc, there are moments to simply STOP, and reflect, re-study your present situation.

Might mean a problem for Pakistan and Haiti and China, which so desperately need help to arrive as soon as possible, by causing unwanted delays.

An almost comical example of this Cosmic cycle though, was the flight attendant, Steven Slater’s exit from the airplane he was working in, after freaking out with a passenger. It’ll probably cost him his job and a fine, but he definitely had his 15 min. of fame in YouTube.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo!

When the conductor of an orchestra says:- “In C minor” -the musicians know it must be played in C Minor for the good of the orchestra and the audience. When Mercury says: ” Time to re-think your plans, re-evaluate your work and your relationships”- so must we.

To ignore the Gods is very silly, since is only us that will suffer.

Use your sense of humor and meditate!