A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart
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To start, this is one of three eclipses near the South node, which speak to us of understanding and accepting the past, to finally let go of it. If we keep thinking about yesterday, not to accept or learn from it, but to keep engaged, then the process will be even more difficult.
Eclipses are powerful new and full moons, and this one, as many are, is particularly impressive, since the Sun and the Moon at 20°
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in the constellation of Taurus find themselves accompanied by Mars 14°, Mercury 17°, Pallas 20º (exactly in conjunction to the Sun-Moon), Sedna 23° and the Lunar Nodes at 17º. Despite not being in Aries, but in Taurus, the spirit of this lunation is action, as Mars, Pallas and Sedna, three warriors in their own right, invites us to take control of our life and finally put an end to financial dependency, constraints imposed by others, but always with the wise control of Saturn in Scorpio that reminds us daily, that excess can be very costly. Saturn that has gone through the opposition to the Sun and Mars, for the April 25 Lunar eclipse and continues to be a strong influence, for being in the opposite sign of this lunation and for having been there for the lunar eclipse.

Power struggles with official figures, like lawyers, offices belonging to the establishment become unbearable and we must find ways to develop our life

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without relying completely on this. How to do it? Perhaps by becoming aware of what we must respect and obey, for being part of a community, but without finding ourselves completely at the mercy of it.

Taurus is a sign which speaks to us of pleasure, of beauty, of creativity, of the need for financial security that will allow us to enjoy life, at the same time that we strive to create a career and raise a family. If we let the pleasure out, Venus, ruler of Taurus, will remind us immediately that life, without pleasure, makes no sense. But what’s pleasure? In principle, pleasure is to be able to make any or a particular activity, while actually enjoying the process. Pleasure, does not have to mean empty, nonsensical fun, abusing the body and health. Pleasure does not have to be only, “sex, drugs and rock’n roll”. Today we have learned that the pleasure of being healthy, enjoying our body and spirit’s health is fundamental. Improving ourselves on a daily basis, developing an activity that allows us to feel better every day, by the mere practice of it, is one of the great pleasures of life, even if it involves hard work. Cooking is also a great pleasure for many (especially for Taurus).
Most of the arts can be a conduit of extraordinary pleasure. Dance, painting, cooking, sculpturing, not only on a stone, but also our own body, through feeding our senses with beautiful natural environments, for example, perfumes, color, food. The sensual pleasure, does not have to mean sex, as emphasized by Pallas Athena, which is part of this constellation of planets that accompany this eclipse in Taurus. Pallas does not care for sex, she enjoy another type of union, more intimate even than sex, which is soul to soul communication. Understanding the other, loving and supporting the other, get us closer perhaps than sex to one another in a unique and certainly intimate way. Sex is pleasure, but for Taurus sensuality is perhaps more pleasure than sexuality.
The influence of Pallas and Sedna in this lunation also speak of the power of the feminine, the re-emergence of the Goddess. Pallas in particular talks about the power of finding the balance between feminine and masculine in our psyche, Sedna, reminds us that women are the ones who connect more easily with the instinctual world, with the Ethereal world, it is women who find easier to know things before understanding them or being able to explain them scientifically. The instinctive comes before science. Finding the academic explanation, comes after what we already know instinctively.
Science is trying to explain the memory of cells and everything else we transmit genetically to the next generation, in addition to the DNA. We instinctively already know it. Today, thanks to family constellations and other therapeutic techniques, we can bring to our consciousness and understand how we have been influenced by the pains and joys of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Soon we will be able to explain allergies and food intolerances from another source. We know that the ancestral memory drive us much more than what we’d like to admit, and perhaps there lies the true meaning of the word Fate. After all, Destiny or Moira, mean: “our allotment”, what’s been given to us, with no apparent personal choice.
Nor should we forget the great water Trine, formed by Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Vesta and Ceres in Cancer, something we have never experienced before, which is supporting us in our quest and return to the Goddess. Venus draws near to the square to Neptune and Chiron, 14 and 22 respectively, time to connect with the sacred, with universal love, with the possibility of curing our personal relationships, understanding and accepting that we are all humans traveling on the same ship, called Earth, and that the mistakes and successes of each of us, sadden and benefit ALL of us. A time for Acceptance and Tolerance. Juno is in a T-square to the Nodes for this eclipse, reaffirming once again that the solution to our relationships is the acceptance and development of the male and female aspects of our psyche, as a formula for harmony and peace in our relationship and with the opposite sex and with the world. If a man only acts from the masculine, always, he cannot understand the woman, or relate to the life cycles and to his own vulnerability and vice versa, if the woman does not develop her entrepreneurial and independent side of her psyche, she will depend on and resent men. Venus seeks balance in Libra, but also looks for harmony in Taurus.
Finally Pluto opposes Ceres and Vesta and they re-activate the square to Uranus in Aries, which will form exact once more on the 21st at 11 ° 14′ of Capricorn and Aries, respectively, reminding us once again that perhaps the response to this global crisis, is really the return of the Goddess, to Nature, so that we can abandon the wanting more when there isn’t any more to have. We must return to respect the cycles of Nature, the seasons and above all respect the interconnectedness with all living beings, not just humans.
Use the energies of this powerful eclipse to review your set of values and let go of what is blocking your progress. Enjoy the energies of Taurus, to live a life more in contact with Venus, with beauty, with creativity, with Sharing.
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How incredible that as we welcome a New Moon in Taurus for its sensual and earthbound qualities, we wake up to the news of Bin Laden having been killed right on the New Moon.

This is the magic of life. We never know and we always learn something new.

As Mars, God of War, links with Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, and the 9th house, of our beliefs and our connexion with what lies beyond our conscious limits this religious fanatic, is killed. This conjunction happened in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars.

If we look at the chart of the operation that ended with Bin Laden being killed, drawn for 11 o’clock pm, in Abbottabad, Pakistan we can see the conjunction happens right at the IC with Pluto rising.

As we know, what ever gets triggered at a New Moon, will be resumed or completed at the following Full Moon, which happens to be a Scorpio Full Moon on the 17th of May. Let’s hope nothing happens then. But, if anyone were to take reprisals that would be a dangerous time.

There is no doubt that Mars plays an important roll in this operation,  since the transiting Moon in its way to meet the Sun in Taurus, was just passing by the Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 24º Aries, and it is also curious that Barack Obama’s Mars opposes Osama Bin Laden’s Mars. Saturn is opposing Venus almost exactly, the ruler of this New Moon.

In the birthchart we have of Bin Laden drawn for March 10th, 1957, apparently a date that he gave in an interview, there are many interesting connexions that resonate with his character and life.

The incredible Neptune trines to most of his planets in Pisces, speak for his religious persona, and the fact that most of us, projected upon him all these different characters typical of Neptune: savior, martyr, religious leader, victim, fraud, etc. The squares that Saturn makes to these planets and including the Sun, speaks volumes about his estrangement from his family and the fact that he was disowned by his father, and lost  his citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The Mars Pluto square evokes his eternal power struggle with the most powerful country in the world. He seemed to have felt he was the true savior of his people, a very Piscean delusion.

For the rest of us, a bit of an antichrist, which curiously became very active as Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995. HE has very much represented that position of Pluto for the collective, living in caves and remaining truly invisible for all this time, and causing a lot of death, as a  true ruler of the Underworld.

He remains invisible even now, since we haven’t been able to see him dead, as the US refuses to show the pictures of his shot body.

So what are we to think? Are there enough proofs that he is dead?

This New Moon in Taurus for most of us, remind us of the magic of Taurus and its archetypes. Whenever I think of this sign, I imagine young maidens with flowers in their hair, running wild through some enchanted forest in a sensual and floaty manner.

Yet, Taurus is much less ethereal than that. Taurus likes security and beauty. Good food and wine and pleasure!

A new Moon in Taurus is a great opportunity to rethink what gives us pleasure and if we provide ourselves of it enough. An I don’t mean just sex. I mean pleasure in all its forms.

Venus finds it easy to stroll through Taurus, it’s the perfect play ground for her.

Venus, Taurus and this New Moon’s ruler is in Aries as well as Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. We may need to look for what gives us pleasure in a more detached and forceful way. The need to seduce and be seduced is a part of our psyche which needs to be unleashed and explored, since this new Moon is in trine to Pluto. But it also makes a quincux to Saturn, so we might need to confront our physical and financial reality. Good opportunity to pay off some debts or be paid.

Our finances is a critical point of this lunation, we should pay attention to them and try to find solutions. Virgo and Capricorn will get the opportunities they needed. Look for Taurus in your birth-chart and you’ll know in which area of your life, opportunities might come.

Finally this lunation make a square to the asteroids Pallas and Vesta, which are together in Aquarius. These two are real virgins, not because they do not enjoy sex, but because they choose not to belong u obey a man.

Interesting combination!