A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart
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OB-HT644_merce3_F_20100305180450We are already at the New Moon in Leo of the year! After a month marked by the return to direct motion of Mercury in Gemini, but really completing its post shadow period in Cancer on its way to link with the Uranus-Pluto square, which we have been living through for the past 4 year. We are left with a new war on Israel-Palestine, military and passengers (M17) aircrafts shot down or lost, all of which remind us of the sign of Cancer and the need to defend our borders and our ‘home’? Theme that resonates and occur in other parts of the world as we all well know. We don’t seem to learn the lessons of the past, and dropping bombs on each other seems to be the only “no solution” to which we are still holding on to and each part with its well studied and heartfelt apologies for not sitting down to fix it in a more diplomatic and intelligent manner and exercise our “academic superiority” with respect to the other. What good does it do to progress both scientifically and academically if later we end up resorting to bombs?
It’s very nice to write about the maternal qualities of Cancer, and the feeling of the water sings, but the reality of the passage of Jupiter through this sign for the past 12 months, and now with Mercury in Cancer (the voice of the people, our land), in opposition to Pluto (power struggles and death) in square to Uranus in Aries (liberation from what oppresses us) have left us with many deaths, cyclones and floods, many wars and more deaths. The Grand Cardinal cross of the beginning of the year is certainly making us aware more than ever of the abuse of the dominant classes, the fact that the rich are becoming richer and all the others increasingly poorer. As well as the fact that 80% of the world is poor and corrupt and that nobody seems to know how to fix this either.
And now in a great effort not to sound negative, we have what should be this wonderful new moon in Leo, which peaks in conjunction to Jupiter (the great benefactor) recently established in this sign. But unfortunately, all of this links with a Mars just moved to Scorpio, today, after spending 8 months in Libra, which seemed to keep diplomatic efforts in action. Now the meetings of leaders eager to find a peaceful solution, will find the added tension between Leo (big egos) and Scorpio (revenge and death). The good news is that Saturn already about 17 degrees of Scorpio, forms a large trine to Mercury and Venus in Cancer and Neptune and Chiron in PISCES, which may somewhat counteract the high tension of the T-squares, but the large trine in Water, can be a little too “watery” in their efforts to find a solution to these conflicts. Venus in Cancer which also values the “home”, the “land of our ancestors”, opposes Pluto in Capricorn for this Lunation and of course connects with Uranus by square.
Is there something good in all of this? You may ask, and Yes. The wonders of a new moon in Leo, in conjunction to Jupiter, is without doubt, the possibility of finding a way to express our uniqueness, the extraordinary quality that makes us different from the others, despite belonging to a particular group. What is that that your psyche and your soul need to express, completely apart from your family and cultural conditioning, or the characteristics of “the land” in which you’ve born. It is here where we have a chance of surviving this nationalistic or cultural whirlwind. Who AM I besides belonging to this family, breed or particular tribe?. should i let myself be dragged by the ideas of the tribe, even when my heart asks for something else? The nationalist ground has more to do with Cancer. In Leo, we want to explore who we really are, besides..(being part of a particular tribe). Which is the Mission of my soul, if any, which is my personal Fate?, separate from that of my tribe or what is expected of me, in the place of birth?. What are my own ideologies? Must I be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, hindu, just because my ancestors? We know that if we rise to the place where all souls come together, the realm that some shamans call the North, Christians Heaven, the Greeks and myself the Olympus or the Underworld, then these differences blur and gradually cease to exist. In the “great soul”, every child who dies is the son of all of us, every woman who dies is the sister, mother and daughter of all of us, every man that dies is the father, brother and husband of everyone. The religious, national and tribal differences seem a distant and sad reminder of a separation which in reality does not exist. The question could be, do we keep throwing bombs to each other because we are manipulated by an elite that wants to sell weapons or because in some dark corner of our psyche, we are still in the jungle and we must protect ourselves from other predators and survive above all?
Last night I went to a creative event, which reminded me of the real importance of the message of the sign of Leo. In the mad rush of creativity, of connecting with what makes us unique, the importance of expressing it somehow, the risk that involves letting it out and sharing it with others and risking being criticizes, it is wonderful to watch the smile in the faces of the dancers, (in this particular case), at the end of the process, when after years, months or weeks of hard work and creativity, it is performed in what seems to be a second. When one realices that never mind how imperfect, or incomplete, whatever it came out, is part of you, to explore, to correct and perfect, to polish, or simply to share, to give to others who may or may not benefit from it. The Sharing is perhaps the most satisfactory part, when you see the reaction of others. Simply because sharing yourself is an act of Generosity, and Love and this is a supreme quality of the sign of LEO.
Use the energies of this new moon, to connect with your heart and investigate what more you have to give, to share with others which can help you be proud to be who you are and the possibilities you have. Don’t do anything that you may be embarrassed or regret later.
Even if you don’t paint or dance or play an instrument, every single action of your life, can be a choreography, a poem, a song. That’s Leo.

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draft_lens20195058module164215684photo_1356235962__aa_a_AaNew and full moons have always been a fascination for humans. Since time immemorial man has observed the effects of these Lunar changes with absolute enchantment trying to decipher what is happening when this endless dance between the Sun and the Moon is expressed. We already know that the effect of these Lunar changes don’t affect only humans but all living and non-living things. We all remember the last full moon of February 14, when the sea became a menace for many parts of the world, a volcano erupted in Indonesia, computers went crazy, and more than one of us lost emotional control.

The new moons normally invites us to reflect on the events that occurred in the last quarter of the Moon, or on the last full moon and it opens up options and doors that we get the chance to clearly see two or three days before that new moon peaks. This extraordinary new moon which will be exact, in Barcelona, (you should check time zones for other parts of the world) on Saturday, March 1 at 9:00 hrs, at 10º PISCES 39′, right in between Chiron and Neptune, appears to show us what parts of our character and of our life need to heal. It carries also a message of what should heal in our environment and our personal relationships. A stunning t-square between Venus in Capricorn which is in square (90º) to Mars in Libra, which in turn is in conjunction to the Lunar Node and Vesta, and at the same time opposes the South Node of the Moon that is located in conjunction to Eris in Aries, invites us to contemplate and review our values and check what needs to be renewed. The values of the past no longer work, and the world is rapidly changing. We are now all seeing very clear who steals our money, and corruption in the whole world is becoming more and more obvious and many people are being brought to justice. We seriously need to revise who we are voting for and what do we expect from the people who should be administrating our lives.

Looking at the images of Beijing covered in smog where you couldn’t see couple of metres away, reminded me of that Neptunian energy that often doesn’t let us see clear , that takes us to a world of illusions difficult to manage sometimes and the need to rely on what IS and on our intuition and trust ourselves. I can’t imagine an image more Piscean than that. We know that PISCES tells us that we are all one, therefore the theme of “the illusion of separation” is no doubt a topic of this new moon. If we keep positioning ourselves on one side or the other and we continue arguing and fighting to defend whatever we believe to be so different to others, we are transiting through the fog. Listening to the President of Uganda, ranting about gays, as if they belonged to another human species, reminded me that there was a new moon in Pisces coming and that we must question, what exactly is that we are separating from, what is that which we see as so different from us. Different idiosyncrasies does not mean that we are different, but simply that all that variety live inside all of us and that is precisely what makes human beings so special, all that incredible diversity, is who we are, and we don’t need to kill each other for it. Nature is diverse, the flowers with their infinite and different colors and scents, are always flowers.

Cancer is one of the most strongly affected signs by this new moon, with new possibilities knocking at their door, but always with the conviction that certain things must change in order to let them happen. Scorpio and Pisces also have the opportunity to slightly clean neighborhood and surrender to the new.

The highlights of this new moon in PISCES is that it peaks just as Mercury stations Direct, and that finally the Messenger of the Gods goes back to go forward, having made us question the way in which we communicate and Mars stations RETROGRADE until May 20th, which means that instead of spending two months in the sign of Libra, as it normally would, this time will be almost 7 months in this sign, you can read about it here:http://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mars-in-libra-from-december-2013-to-july-2014/. Saturn in Scorpio also stations RETROGRADE on March 2 until July 20, and this aspect will bring more light on the corruption and the dishonesty of people in power, but will also make us confront our true intentions. On 6 March, Jupiter stations Direct, putting end to its retrograde motion, which began on 6 November last year on its way once more to the Grand Cardinal cross that takes place in April, but still, for this moon is in square to Uranus and in opposition to Pluto. The outstanding unresolved issues are still like a thorn on our backsides.
This new moon in PISCES connects us with our ancestral and cultural conditioning and with the notion that if we become conscious of it, we can decode in order to become who we really are and not the simple product of the place of birth or parents. It is possible to transform and decode the mind, rather than repeat patterns without even realizing is that we are doing it. PISCES speaks of the human race and our connection with all living being on this planet that we call home, and not just with nationalities and territorial feelings, that only speak or our feelings of separation, of a North and a South, an outside and an inside, an East and a West. EVERYTHING that happens to A human being happens to all Mankind.

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NewMoonCapricorn-300x300What a strenuous way of starting the year as from January 1, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!, with a New Moon at 11º of Capricorn forming an ‘almost’ exact Grand Cross, yet not as exact as it will be in April 2014. But close enough to shake us a little. We go into this lunation with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto at 11 ° of Capricorn, (Venus also in Cap but further away at 28º).
A conglomerate of 5 planets in the same sign and degree and all forming a virtually exact 90 ° angle to Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, which are opposed. Jupiter in Cancer at 16°, completes the missing leg of the cross.
You don’t have to be a genius, nor an astrologer, to realize the symbolism of a Cosmic Cross, formed by 7 planets! In popular language when we say. “what a cross!”, usually we are complaining about an unwieldy situation. As if something external to us, a heavy load that we must carry on our shoulders, as that man whom we call Jesus, did more than 2000 years ago.
People who make demands from us, demands we can’t easily meet, situations that collapse, bosses, professors, teachers, parents, lawyers, the Bank, business partners, etc, which in more than one way obstruct our freedom and prevent us from moving forward, by holding on to old values, old-fashioned mentality, in total disagreement with current needs and times.
This is a month when we will have 2 new moons, the second is in January 30 at 11º of Aquarius, with the full moon in Cancer, on the 16. Strong cardinal activity, which only means one thing: ACTION!
Without wanting to be “a bird of ill omen”, which ever way you look at it, it sounds like a “challenge”, to once more take a

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look at situations that must be resolved, because things are not as they should be.Even if you are in a good moment at this time, even if you divorce yourself from what happens in the rest of the world, the situation is like this: Spain, just adopted the law that makes abortion illegal. Once again!!! India and Uganda, passed laws which make homosexuality illegal, again! If you are found in a situation that shows or suggest your homosexuality, you can go to jail for the rest of your life. WHAAAT!!!!!!!! and it’s the situation in South Sudan, in Istanbul and Ukraine, and the 2 million Syrian refugees in the Lebanon borders. Insecurity, poverty and corruption in most of the world escapes our hands. Question: Have we all gone crazy or what’s going on? This is what this Grand Cross in Cardinal signs is showing us. Let’s pay attention. We are confronted with the fact that we must act in a way and make decisions that none of us want to take, but it does not leave us another option. As Uranus opposes Mars, we feel we must start a revolution, we must say NO to the established corrupted systems, because we want honest politicians and officials who engage in organizing our lives in the best way possible, for the good of the community. While it is very difficult that everyone is in agreement,that’s what a Government is for, to try to resolve those differences. Isn’t it?
The pressure to get rid of that which prevents us from feeling free and happy will be so intense, through out January and April.If we had already resigned themselves to a particular situation, everything begins to shake inside of us again, to remind us that that is not ok. We can not resign ourselves to being unhappy, because the Cosmos will always push us to achieve our goals and our desires, to become all that we have come here to be. The “crappy” (vulgar or not sophisticated) version of ourselves, is not allowed in this lifetime, we must strive to become the best version of ourselves. Otherwise, we get sick, we go out of balance and harmony with ourselves and live a half-gas life, which only ends in disease. Jupiter, in turn, forms a Trine to Saturn already at 20º of Scorpio. These two planets are forming a trine during the month of May too, due to the retrograde motion of each. This is a positive influence and which prevents us from surpassing our limits, becoming aware of our limitations and talents.
Pluto represents our need for evolution and survival, and there is no way of saying to that:-”sorry,

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but I stop here, I don’t want to evolve anymore” – that is impossible! If you’re alive, changes and developments follow. It doesn’t matter what age you are. One of the most important qualities of Capricorn, is that this sign sets its goals and arrives there, yes or YES. The NO option, is OFF for these people. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. They know how to wait and do it safely without losing too much on the way. They know that it should be a step forward and often two back, but always returning to the forward and upward motion. The conjunction of Pluto to Mercury, will reveal to us more corruption of the individuals in power. At an individual level, it’ll help us confront our secrets and ponder on why we hide what we hide. What is that we do not want to show even to ourselves?
If all this sounds a little dramatic, is because it is. But drama is not synonymous of disaster, but of “pivotal”. These are vital moments, when the actions of each of us are very important. Our awareness of the world that surrounds us and the importance of our decisions is perhaps the most positive lesson of this lunation. Good time for resolutions of the new year. I encourage you to leave behind those parts of you that choke you and stop you from evolving. If you’re saying goodbye to someone, focus on the good things that the situation or relationship have left you with and open the door to the new. Remember that everything that comes to a close is because it has nothing else to offer you. Never mind how sad is to say goodbye.

Happy beginning of the year to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just after this historic event of the 12-12-12, comes the new moon in Sagittarius, and I may say, at a perfect time for those Sagittarian energies to flow. Perfect in a sense that it coincides with this “almost alignment” of the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. This lunation at 21º Sagittarius conjuncts Juno, an asteroid that relates to the feminine power, the symbol of the ‘wife’, Queen of the House, which is at 27º Sagittarius exactly aligned with Galactic Center, also at about 27 degrees of Sag.
And what does it all means? One thing is certain, there are less and less of us nowadays who say: “well, in the end, nothing will change, everything will remain the same, in a long run”. WRONG!. EVERYTHING is changing because everything is plummeting, our financial system, our concept of religion, our educational system, everything is clamoring for that complete collapse so that we can rise again, renovated, improved and new.
This is a new moon in Sagittarius, so the theme of education seems extremely relevant, and I wonder until when we’re going to have to endure the coarcion of the development of the brains of our children with this outdated educational system, which continues to put emphases in high grades over comprehension and hard work, which cries out for change. Until when, we are going to push our children to study this array of soulless professions, thus curtailing the development of their own talents. Until when are parents going to give more value to what is socially respected and accepted, against the developing of their children own talents? We are no longer in the industrial era, when many doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects were needed. Nor we are in the 1980s, when every youngster went to study Marketing and Business Administration. How could so many young people, want to be a business manager or an economist? Until when will we put creativity at the bottom of the list of possibilities for our children?
We seem to continue to apology if one of our children want to be musicians, painters or dancers or sculptors or film directors or actors, as if each of these words were a bad word. “My son wants to be a dancer”, said to me one mother, “but what future is he going to have with this?” and it made me wonder: “What future awaits anyone if we try to be something other that what we are?” HOW CAN WE BE PUSHED TO BE OR DO SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WHAT WE CAN OR HAVE COME HERE TO DO? And so we are in this world where Valium, the Prosac reign supreme. And even before the absolute evidence of Hollywood and Bollywood, and many thousands of smaller places where not necessarily famous, yet successful musicians, dancers, painters, film directors, actors, earn a better living than many, we continue to insist on saying to our children that there is no future in it!. I wonder why? And why do you have to be famous to be considered successful in your profession? The majority of lawyers and doctors in the world are not famous. However if we are developing a work that stems out of our soul, our need to evolve as human beings, that is being successful. The sole obligation that we have with ourselves is to discover and promote that special something that we all brings with us, which is necessary and useful for our development and our society and NOT try to do what is dictated to us by others(family, culture).
Last night, to be in alignment with this wonderful energy of Sagittarius, I decided that I would concentrate in the wisdom of the Tarot (something that i haven’t done before properly), this incredible system of symbols that is available to us to open our minds to other dimensions, where we know more than we think we know.
The magic that it is involved in shuffling and picking cards, just those perfect cards, which contain the symbolism that explains beyond our comprehension at times, what it actually happening to us, the kind of situation we are involved in, show us this extraordinary ability that we have that we call magic, simply because we do not have or do not understand the process we use to be able to do that. And this has nothing to do with trying to “see” or “guess” the future, but to understand the present in full. As Jodorowsky says and I absolutely agree with him: If you use the Tarot cards or Astrology (I add) to predict the future, you become a charlatan. These two extraordinary system of symbols are not for that. Tarot and Astrology and their symbolism are to understand the present in all its dimensions, the ones we are aware of and those we are not aware of. The astrologer and Tarot reader, should read these symbols that enrich our daily experience, so we may understand better our inner hero and his journey through life.
This Moon in Sagittarius opens us doors to new philosophies, new ideologies, to finally accept that everything is is crumbling (thank God!), so that what’s new and renovated may arise. This lunation coincides with many important aspects to asteroids that represent different aspects of the feminine: Juno is a conjunction to the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius and as I said before also aligned with the Galactic Center, at the same time it opposes Ceres, the great mother, and form what we call a T-square to Pallas, the intellectual and warrior woman, who is mother and Virgin, which becomes the focal planet of this important and dynamic aspect. Vesta, next to Jupiter and also opposed to the Sun and the Moon. Do not read this as a resurgence of the feminine against the masculine, but as a possibility of union of these two aspects of our psyche, so that, we can integrate these two parts in order to feel whole. We must let go of the religions that have eliminated the feminine, because these are old-fashioned and outdated concepts. We should feel pity for the Taliban young boy who shot Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl who defended in Afgnistan education for girls. How can we instill in our children such hatred? What kind of life has this boy had, who without knowing why, is still channeling the hate of previous generations?
We are men and women, we’ve all had, or come from men and women of our past, and we cannot separate this memories form our ancestral DNA. Fortunately Neptune and Chiron in

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PISCES, will help us, to deeply understand the concept that despite the geographic boundaries, we are all ONE and what affects one, affects us all. Without this concept, Astrology would not be possible and although scientists want to explain everything with equations, before that is possible, we must first find the thesis in our hearts, in the depths of our psyche, in this place that the Greeks called Olympus and in which all live, even without realizing it.

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Here we are in the Scorpio New Moon, when Both the Sun and the Moon find themselves at 13º Scorpio 40′. As we already know, new moons seem to start a new cycle, a new project, a new trend, which completes itself 2 weeks later when the next Full Moon . These cycles are sometimes at such a profound level, that we don’t even realize is happening.

This is the case with Scorpio. This sign is so profound and connects us with such inner dimensions that can be experienced as “uncomfortable” at best, or terrifying at worst, especially if you are an Air sign, but it can also be fascinating and magical, if you are a water or a fire sign. It is in this journey to the most secret part of your psyche that we encounter an array of nymphs, heroes, gods and s goddesses that turn our everyday life into an interesting fairytale or mythical story.

This New Moon offers us this possibility and as we open the door to the energies of it, first thing we encounter is Vesta or Hestia for the Greeks. This small asteroid of scarcely 450 to 600 km in diameter, was discovered on March 29, 1807 by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers in the constellation of Virgo. Is part of a belt of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, where Ceres and Pallas Athena, were discovered few years earlier. Juno finds herself there as well. They represent different aspects of the feminine in our lives.

Vesta is the daughter

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of Saturn (Chronos) and Rea, so she is an Olympian. In my opinion she is the true ruler of Virgo women. She represents the unmarried woman, same as Pallas. Except that Vesta was truly a virgin and was truly pure. She had no contact with men.

She is the Goddess of the Fire that warms our Home. Signifies the warmth that women are capable of bringing to a Home. Apolo and Poseidon offered her marriage but she remained true to herself and to her chastity vows and declined.

But what does she represent inside of us? She is our ability to remain true to ourselves, even in the eventuality of falling in love. Remaining a virgin, didn’t necessarily mean, no sex, but it meant not engaging in relationships.


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this New Moon we find the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Vesta in Scorpio. The intensity of these energies, will upset more than one relationship, many will be in the process of separation, many trying out a reconciliation, but the opportunity of this New Moon and Vesta is that of connecting with that part of ourselves that cannot be touched by power struggles. IT is our ability to follow out path and our calling, which takes us away from the loss of power inherent in many relationships.

To love does not mean to lose one’s power, to the point that if we realize that the present relationship does not allow us to grow, believe that we are trapped in it. We can always walk away. Never mind how difficult it seems. Vesta remind us of never getting to that point.

Vesta is the feminine principle in men and in women. If you are an Aquarian or a Leo, this could be a real situation in your life now. If you are a Cancerian or a Piscean, your relationships will become more intense and the opportunity to dig in and find out what is below the surface, is there for you. Aries and Libra, which are affected by Saturn and Pluto and their relationships are being tried as well, will get a chance to transform their approach to their relationships.

With all of what I said, it may sound that this would be a terrible 15 days to the next Full Moon in Taurus when this month’s cycle will conclude, but never forget that the transformative energies of Scorpio, can be extremely useful to take our minds and soul beyond the surface, beyond superficiality.

This is a good moment to really try to communicate your true feelings and find out what your “other one” is made of. What your relationship is made of.

If you are not in relationship, this is a great opportunity to connect to your work, your creativity and focus in what is important in your life. Vesta helps us

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focus on our true calling, our true work in life.

Mercury makes and exact square to Neptune, so it won’t be difficult to fantasize and create. The test of time will be necessary to make sure that what we see is real. It also contacts Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, so new ideas and projects will present themselves, creating a more positive outlook of life.

Pluto and the North Node seem to support the Scorpian energies of the Moon, inducing us to dig in and connect with our most secret feelings. If you are brave enough to enjoy digging into yourself, you will definitely enjoy this New Moon.

Juno is also part of the equation, as it is in Sextile to the Sun and Moon, so it will help us find a compromise in our relationships. She is the opposite of Vesta, Juno was Hera in Greek Mythology and it represents the “Wife”, who remained married to Zeus, in spite of his unfaithfulness.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you seem to be alienated from your true path in life, use the energies of this Moon to connect to your inner Vesta and let her get you back on track.

The one person you cannot afford to betray, EVER,is yourself.