A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart
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Here comes one of the most important months of the year, and in many ways, for several years.

This month begins with a conjunction of Mercury (Gemini ruler) to (retrograde) Venus in Gemini and at the same time, they both make a square to Mars in Virgo, another sign ruled by Mercury. We can speculate on the meaning of all this and assume everything that it has to do with communications, with paper work, with topics involving the coming and going of correspondence, such as legal issues, communication through internet, mobile phones, etc, etc, will be affected.

But all this comes hand in hand, with the fact that these are the days prior to the  Full Moon (therefore the most powerful) on June 4th,  which is a Lunar Eclipse, that forms at 14 ° 14′ angle of  Sagittarius (the Moon) and Gemini (the Sun).

The Sun in conjunction to Venus in Gemini, which in its retrograde phase, forms an eclipse or transit between the Sun and the Earth. This is an astronomical event, which happens in pairs and very rarely, as we will see. The last time we had a transit of Venus,  was on June 8, 2004, something which didn’t  occurred since the last pair, which was in 1874 and 1882.Yes, you read it well, in 1800 and it will not occur until the 2117 and 2125. Prior to 1800, occurred in 1761 and 1769, and previously to this in 1639. So really a very rare astronomical fact. It has happened about 6 times before, that  we can register and that we must not miss, since it  will be the last and for many of us, the only time that we will see such thing, in our lives.

Mars then, makes what we call a T-cuadrante to the lunación, or in  90º angle  to the Sun and to the Moon, and opposed to Chiron, which thus form the Grand Cross of this eclipsed full moon – The theme of confrontation with the ability of our minds to process information and how we respond to it, we be clearer. Communication inside of our relationships, what we say, how  we say it, and if we take into consideration the feelings of the other, when we say what we say, it is a subject to bring into consciousness.

The influence of Chiron reminds us that we must Cure, the wouds of the past, and the only possibility  for self-healing  is to become conscious of it.

But when we speak of Venus, the goddess of beauty, creativity, seduction, we are talking about that part of ourselves that seduces, whether  we are aware of it or not. Much too often and contrary to the mentality of many, who believe that a good body, is what seduces, it is the talents and mostly unconscious talents, which seduce more than anything.Sometimes the feminine in man or the masculine in women, is incredibly attractive. The encounter with the opposite side of our psyche and hidden desires of it, are also a subject of this lunación.

Globally this also affects  our political views, how we handle all these diplomatic issues we have on the table, with the European crisis, the crisis Israel-Iran, Afghanistan, etc.Fortunately, Mercury forms a trine to Saturn in Libra, which impels us to take things seriously and confront us with the reality of all this and above all, to listen to the version of the other, in a fair way that will benefits us all.

The world is not worse, is only that now for the first time in life for many, we are taking consciousness of  how incredibly destructive and greedy we are. If you are a woman, there isn’t any day before today, that is better. Women gain ground, every day, every hour, every instant. It is true that the novels make us fantasize about true romance, like in the stories of the Bronte sisters, for example, but of course, it is only our imagination. Women have been raped, abused, killed, enslaved, before now, much more. Wars have been more bloody and violent before, than now. The world is not worse, is better in many ways, but it is also true that tremendous excess of  information,  is making us aware of the pain of the world.

Just look at the news, once, and you are suddenly in touch with the dramatic side of life, of existance, of being alive, of being a mortal. It is wonderful but at the same time dramatic.The pain of being alive and the incarnation are daunting and overwhelming, if not, ask a Pisces, but becoming conscious of it,  to be able to exercise our free will, is the only option, because it is the Mystery of life,  what we love and what seduces more than anything else. If we had all the answers, this journey would be very boring. Even so, we should become conscious all the time, in order to be of service to others and help each other survive.Without Venus, without creativity, this life would be an orgy of pain and savagery, but Venus induces us to embellish,  to find beauty in everything we do, to turn the struggle every day life, into an act of love and beauty. If we want it, we can do it, despite the great difficulty of being a mortal.

In June of 1993, there was also an eclipse at almost 14 degrees Gemini – Sagittarius. The young people who were born in that year may have a great shot of consciousness at this moment, on the duality of their psyche, and the issues that worry the world today.Education is another of the issues that concern us and with the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini  on June 12, it will be difficult to decide on one option or another, for many students .  It is not an easy fate  to have been born in these times and being a teenager today, when everything is changing and nothing is clear yet. Perhaps the answer is to follow what the heart or soul dictates, if you prefer. Uranus and Pluto, make their first meeting by square,  of the 7 that will take place from now to 2015. If you think that everything was back to normal, think again. This is the beginning of a process of change that will benefit us all. Hopefully. The more heads of State insist  in maintaining the Status Quo,  the most more revolution  there will be –

When something must be amputated so that we can survive, all we can do is let it take place. This is a process of change and renewal that we all need. Fortunately one of the wonders of Gemini, is his overwhelming curiosity and interest in everything,  in whatever is different and innovative. Jupiter enters Gemini after a year in Taurus,  on June 12th, but this will be the next article.

Let’s use these Mercurian energies to renew ourselves, to investigate, to contact, to create new stories and to live life in a creative and enriching way. Open to what is new, to the unexpected, don’t forget it was Hermes who recounted the history of the gods, who accompanied Odysseus in the Odyssey and who can help us to re – write our history.

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Venus the great Olympic goddess of love, beauty, creativity and good living, which includes money (or the expending of it), entered Gemini on the 3rd of this month which ends today, but it is on May 16th, that will begin its retrograde motion, something that occurs every 18 months.

We describe a planet in retrograde motion when we see it station to then begin to move backward, on their journey around the Sun. Except the Sun and the Moon, all planets have their retrograde period. As I have already explained in the past, this apparent motion in reverse, is not more than an optical illusion, which is created by the rotation of the Earth in relation to the movement of the planet.

If you want to see an of example of such an event, go to http://www.astrologycom.com/retroframe.html

These cosmic events seem to coincide with situations in our lives, when we are called to RE-vise, RE-study, RE-think, RE-structure something in our lives. These are the moments when we need to take a step back, in order to move forward again.

When we talk about Venus, we obviously have to look at our personal relationships, work out exactly what we are trying to solve in our relations, or in any situation which involves exchange of money, in a creative project, in the way in which we live our own beauty.

This is not a time for aesthetic surgery, but rather, a time to RE-think if we really want to do it. It is not a good time to break a relationship, but to RE-consider how we feel about our partner. If we are not in a relationship, then it is a good opportunity to think, why not, if we really want one or not, and if we want it and do not have it, meditating on the reasons of why not.

Our attitude to personal relationships, is greatly coloured by our transgenerational history, and according to the aspects that the Moon and Venus make to the collective planets (Urano-Neptuno and Pluto) in our birthchart, we can understand what emotional situations we come from. What is that which seems to “manage us” from within, that we cannot control or fully understand and that never mind how hard we try we don’t seem to be able to “transcend”.

Venus starts stations retrograde on May 16th at 24º Gemini forming a semisextil to Jupiter at 24º Taurus and an exact trine with Saturn in Libra.

These aspects of the Venus evoke situations of the past that need to solve, especially those which began 7, 14, 21 or 28 years earlier. A cycle begs for completion and it needs a thorough review to finally put an end to it and move forward, physically and emotionally. Lovers, husbands, wives, relations of the past may turn up in our lives again, so that we can “close this chapter of our lives”. All those separations that have not really concluded, now have an opportunity to do so.

The semisextil of Jupiter will help us feel better about the outcome, whichever it is.

Mars makes the last exact trine to Pluto, auguring a positive debate, with good intentions on both sides, with real possibilities for resolution, but certain willingness is required by both parties to reflect on the matter and let go of vengeful feelings that will only make the conflict survive.

Patience and forgiveness are two of the feelings and attitudes learned in these moments.A deep insight is necessary to really understand what is that we should really let go of, in order to live happier lives.

This Venus retrograde motion coincides with the solar annular eclipse of May 20th, or New Moon in Gemini(I will write about it in the next article), and the partial lunar eclipse or Full Moon of June 4th, which also coincides with Venus forming a square to Mars in Virgo, which suggests that we should really look deep in our hearts so that we can act in the manner most beneficial for ourselves and those we love. This is an excellent opportunity to discover our inner ambiguity and our most diverse feelings, those we normally project onto others or on “the other”. This is the pivotal point of this cosmic event.

As Michael Jackson sang: “Begin with the man in the mirror……”

A reunion with old friends is possible and/or the restoration of old relations that marked a very vital social moment in our lives. The need to find a new way to relate to each other, less intense and demanding and yet equally satisfactory is one of the benefits of Venus in Gemini. Venus will station direct on 28th of June to 7º Gemini, when it makes a quincunx to Pluto and a sextile to Uranus. It enters Cancer on August 8th, ending its transit through the sign of the twins.

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One of the most wonderful qualities of Astrology is that it helps us understand the importance of NOW, since this science is the constant reminder, that each moment is special and unique due to the fact that planets are never in the same position through out our lives. There isn’t a single moment of life, identical to another, a single month or year same as the previous one or the one after. So, investigating, living, experiencing the NOW in all its possibilities, is always the thing to do.Each day is important and relevant and different. So, just as we thought that May was so special, due to the alignment of planets, in the sign of Taurus, here comes June with 2 eclipses and the entry of Jupiter in Taurus after one year of transit through Aries.June begins with a partial Solar Eclipse at 11º of Gemini, bringing the attention and challenges to the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). The Full Moon or Lunar eclipse follows on the 15th, at 24º Sagittarius. The last of these eclipses will be on July 1st, at 9º of Cancer, but I will talk about this one later, since it activates the current cardinal t-square, that we all know about, by opposing Pluto in Capricorn and forming a double square to Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries.Eclipses are considered quite negative and difficult, in general, quite justly so, if we think that many wars have started exactly on the day of the eclipse  and not because politicians know about Astrology but because of the mystery of it. Important natural disasters, also often occur at the time of the eclipses and emotions seem to be at a high point coinciding with such events.Instead of being frighten by the thought of it, it is always better to have a more positive approach to them, and be ready for challenges that we really need to sort out. Yet this morning, i saw in the news that Germany has blocked the import of some vegetables from Spain, alleging that they are infected by some virus. This of course is a disaster for Andalucia and other regions of Spain that export their produce daily.If we look at the chart of this eclipse tomorrow, we can see, that the Lunar Nodes are as expected, quite close to the lunation, since this is what happens when we have an eclipse, but they are exactly square Ceres (the Goddess of Agriculture) at 23º Pisces.Since this New Moon is also in an exact trine to Saturn, taking responsibility for our actions and decisions of the past, is imminent, as we can see in the scandal at the top of FIFA, the trial of Strauss-Kahn about to start this month, or the extradition of Mladic.It will be very interesting to see what the Lunar Eclipse on July 15th will bring about these cases, which seems to resonate with the law, since the Moon is in Sagittarius.But June brings also, the entry of Mercury to Gemini, on the 3rd, Venus on the 10th and Mars on the 21st. Jupiter finally moves to Taurus on the 4th. Neptune begins its retrograde motion on the 3rd making a square to Mercury. Neptune will re-enter Aquarius on the 5th of August until February 4th 2012, when it will come back to Pisces to stay for the next 14 years.On the 13th of June, Saturn will station direct (finally!), to leave that 10º of Libra and the proximity to the T-square and move on.With Mercury, Venus and Mars in Gemini, the pace will seem faster and lighter. We will have more time to communicate and reach out to other people. Mercury will square Neptune, on the 3rd and 4th, making difficult to make important decisions, so wait few days. It will trine Saturn on the 7th and 8th, so that will be a much better time to commit to anything. Be patient. June 9th and 10th, Venus will make the square to Neptune, which is such a great opportunity for creative endeavor but also a moment of caution when it comes to relationships and meeting new people, as is easy not to see reality, under this transit.Mars will do it on the 20th and 21st, so again, if you are doing something creative, could be fantastic, but when it comes to our health and our energies, we need to be careful. So if you thought that this month starting tomorrow, was just one more month, think again.

The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse on the 15th, is a kind of culmination of the situations highlighted by the Solar Eclipse of June the 1st. In a lunar eclipse the Moon moves through the shadow of the Earth as if hiding from ourselves and it becomes difficult to express our emotions or even recognize its origin. In this lunation, the Sun is  in conjunction to Mercury and the Moon opposes it, and it all happens in line with the Galactic Center, situated a around 27º of Sagittarius. It might be a difficult time  for confronting our emotions and the origin of them. Something has to be assimilated and brought into our conscience. Let’s face the facts and act upon it, with integrity and courage. And above all, don’t forget that it all depends on what vantage point you are looking from. Things always can be seen in different light, if we are brave enough to find out.