A journey into the realm of Gods, Goddesses and the human heart

                                                       The astrological reading   


Very often people ask me what astrological technique I use in my practice. Especially those who know something about astrology and have found more than one working system. If I add asteroids or not. If the secondary or tertiary progressions, if the House System of Placidus or Equal or Koch.

There are many that face me with the valid question that in astrology you can always find something which explains an event, or better still, every astrologer sees what they want to see in order to prove their theory.

All these questions are valid and have a point.

The truth is that we all see what we want to see, what we are prepared to see or what we are capable of seeing.

It is true that the chart and the astrological aspects can be read in many ways. Every astrologer will see through his own prism.

This is all very well, but the astrological consultation, is somewhat different. Every astrologer works with the system that he finds most elocuent, or that he finds works better at the time of the reading.

Same thing happens with doctors or any other profession. But what happens in the astrological consultation between the client and the astrologer is something else and it has some elements of what most people will call magic.

One of the systems that the majority of experienced astrologers  use, is silence.

Listening is the most important of all the techniques.

In what I call Archetypal Astrology, which is the one I practice most, we have at our disposal a range of archetypal images, gods and goddesses with whom we can work.

Everyone has Venus, Mars, Pluto, Hermes or Mercury, Saturn, inside and with a little help of the astrologer, we can connect with these images in our mind, to understand ourselves better.

That is for me the wealth of astrology, as I understand it.

So whatever technique we use, what we really try to do as astrologers, is to help the client meet with these ancestral images in our daily lives, to awaken this archetypal ancestral knowledge that will help us remember what we already know, before we even enter the consultation.

Most of the us know the answers we are looking for before the reading. But in working together with the astrologer, we can find the roads which will helps us connect with these intimate parts of our psyche and thus, hopefully experience an  “aha!”.

All the techniques that we astrologers and therapists study, simply help us contain the person to experience an internal truth, which may be more or less explosive.

The confrontation with ourselves can be painful, beautiful, terrifying and/or illuminating.

What is important in the astrological reading is to know how to be hundred percent there, next to the client, when he or she make these connections with their soul.

I don’t concern myself with  predictive astrology, although sometimes it is inevitable to do so, we will always connect in a way with the person in front of us, which will allow us to see beyond the present, but  the most important thing is the alchemical connection that occurs between client and astrologer, when the latter with his wisdom, regardless of which technique he or she uses,  as well as with the help of these images and astrological symbols, evoke in the client that connection with their own inner wisdom so that they  can find their own answers.

Astrological consultation is like a massage for the soul, in a place, where, with the help of the astrologer,  we can travel through our internal landscape and meet with our inner Ogres, our Nymphs, with Cinderella, with the witch from Snow White, with the evil wizard of Sleeping Beauty, with Bella, with Beast, with Aphrodite and Persefone, with Hades and Zeus, in that  place that the Greeks called Olympus, that place that only exists within ourselves.